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    Purcell Marian to build football stadium

    No. Norwood Stadium. Right off the lateral..
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    Congratulations, Winton Woods grad!

    Congratulations to Mike Edwards. Playing safety with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he picked off a Drew Brees pass to seal the playoff victory!
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    Kamala Harris' casual Vogue cover causes stir online

    Really yappi guy? Tell the whole story! This was supposed to be an alternate picture. Vice President Harris staff picked a more conservative pose and it was agreed upon from both parties. The magazine did the ol switch a Rooney!
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    Walnut Hills 2021

    Coach Jeff Cargile would not leave Taft for the Walnut Hills job! Taft has a lot more athletes and he has that program rolling! Walnut is not a good job!
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    Walnut Hills 2021

    Great academic school! You aren’t going to get the type of athlete you need to win on a consistent basis. High academic standards and taking a test just to get in. Not a good combination
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    I often spoke of how privileged a certain demographic is in our country. The Capitol situation is another example! If people of color had did the same thing, much more drastic measures would have been taken!
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    N no It doesn’t
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    Very good point!
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    2021 Princeton Vikings Football

    This would be great in many ways. The problem is the logistics behind it. Off the field things.
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    Presidential Pardons

    Most were charged with crazy drug charges during the war on drugs!
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    Presidential Pardons

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    H. Biden taxes under federal investigation

    kind of like ol Donnie Boy has evaded prosecution
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    New Princeton Coach

    His roots are in the city. Probably wants his son in a diverse setting and better competition week in and week out.
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    Daughter play high school sports? Good luck to her once Biden takes office.

    This is hardly an issue! Can you at least wait until this administration does something significant before you start complaining?!! GEESH! Donnie boy is still making false claims! Or talk about Donnie claiming to be a BILLIONAIRE but asking folks to pay his debt!
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    Republicans file articles of impeachment against Gov. DeWine

    I’m not understanding. You don’t like how someone governs so you want him impeached?
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    Republicans file articles of impeachment against Gov. DeWine

    picking on Auntie Maxine? Shame on you!
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    It is great to have a President who we can respect in the White House

    It will be great to see a real president back in office! Free from all the shannigans and criminals in the administration! No more “yes” people with little to no experience.
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    Will Dems support the peoples will, if massive voter fraud evidence is produced?

    Because of what Donnie and Russia did last election, this was one of the most secured elections ever. Widespread fraud didn’t happen period! Trump is acting his normal kid like self!
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    Rigged election?

    Election officials said because of the last election, this was the most secured election ever