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  1. CoventryTrackXCguy

    Portage Trail Conference- Metro - Week 3

    I see Kenmore Garfield is getting some entries in their win column. This is actually very interesting. In looking at their remaining schedule, it seems they have quite a few winnable games remaining. They will beat North. I think Firestone and Scott are winnable. I actually think they have...
  2. CoventryTrackXCguy

    St Ignatus vs Hoban.

    Ah. So Hoban is not invincible. Learn new thing every day, I suppose. WEIGHTROOM!!!
  3. CoventryTrackXCguy

    Portage Trail Conference- Metro - Week 3

    As the folks over on the Hoban threads will chirp about all day....weightroom.
  4. CoventryTrackXCguy

    Portage Trail Conference- Metro - Week 3

    Seems like you knew something most people did not. Most people, including Drew Pasteur, had Tallmadge heavily favored in this one.
  5. CoventryTrackXCguy

    Portage Trail Conference- Metro - Week 3

    Another observation. Looks like Coventry was dominating the line of scrimmage against the Blue Devils. Coventry was winning the Trenches. And against a team that is generally known for its own ability to win the trenches. This is new. Coventry has always been better at the skill positions...
  6. CoventryTrackXCguy

    Portage Trail Conference- Metro - Week 3

    Wow, that Calvin Dudley kid was a great pickup for Coventry. However, he is also an eye opener. I don't know what Calvin Dudley was at Hoban before he left for Coventry, whether he actually had a shot at starting for varsity or not. But if he was indeed one of their more average players, that...
  7. CoventryTrackXCguy

    Portage Trail Conference- Metro - Week 3

    I was in the class of 2015, so Dustin was a sophomore when I was a senior. I did the longer distance events, whereas, Dusty was in the short sprints. In 2015, he was kind of overshadowed on the track, by some of the athletes in my class, like Zach Lake, and Devon Jones, and Andrae Martin...
  8. CoventryTrackXCguy

    Portage Trail Conference- Metro - Week 3

    Coventry class of 2017 alum, and current University of Akron WR, Dustin Burkhart, just had a breakout game in a 20-31 loss to the UAB Blazers on Saturdau. He had 8 receptions for a total of 217 yards. Go Comets.
  9. CoventryTrackXCguy

    Portage Trail Conference- Metro - Week 3

    A win over Tallmadge would be necessary for making the playoffs. Making the playoffs in R9 has been very difficult in recent seasons, given the number of quality programs in this region. And now with New Philly in this region, it will be worse. Coventry probably needs 9-1 to pull it off.
  10. CoventryTrackXCguy

    Portage Trail Conference- Metro - Week 3

    So, any takes on the Coventry-Tallmadge game? I don't know what Tallmadge brings. But it seems that Coventry has a decent running game this year, unlike last year when Rankin went down.
  11. CoventryTrackXCguy

    WEEK 2---Canton Glenoak (1-0) at Massillon Washington (1-0)

    Ah yes, I may know a couple of those. Always helpful, yes.
  12. CoventryTrackXCguy

    The Northeast District Cross Country placements are up.

    My thoughts on the Glen Oak District d2 Boys: -SVSM will be down from the state runner up team they were last year. They lost their top 3 to graduation and there was a substantial gap between their 3 and 4-7. With that being said "down" is only relative when discussing a team like SVSM. They...
  13. CoventryTrackXCguy

    Ohio Supreme Court Sends Competitive Balance Challenge Back to Hamilton County Court

    So in what way are these private schools really that superior? I ask this as somebody who attended a parochial school from grades k-8, in firestone park, then went to Coventry High School. I ask this as someone who went to Coventry High School, and whose sibling went to SVSM. Seems to me...
  14. CoventryTrackXCguy

    Way Too Early Summit County Top 10 - 2019

    East is big but undisciplined. I think East defense would struggle against a spread offense.
  15. CoventryTrackXCguy

    How many schools have pay to play for football

    At Coventry Local Schools, pay to play is only $100 per sport. It is amazing we've been able to keep it that low, given how fiscally strapped our school district is. We've been in fiscal emergency the last 4 years. Prior to that, we've been under fiscal watch for 20 years. Now, there is a...
  16. CoventryTrackXCguy

    Northeast Ohio D2 Districts/Regionals predictions/ previews/ results thread.

    So, whats happening around the region the next two weeks?
  17. CoventryTrackXCguy

    PTC Metro 2018/2019 Basketball Thread

    well, looks like football season is done for the PTC Metro. Anyone wish to discuss PTC hoops?
  18. CoventryTrackXCguy

    PTC Metro: Week 4

    Sorry COLTCOUNTRY, I just beat you to the week 4 thread. Anyways, what do we have going on in the PTC this week?
  19. CoventryTrackXCguy

    PTC Metro Preseason 2018

    Alright, it is the July before the 2018 football season. As I open this thread, we are something like 8 weeks out from week 1, 5 weeks out from preseason. I suppose we can start talking about predictions, thoughts, etc for the 2018 football season.
  20. CoventryTrackXCguy

    Track Week 1/2 Hub: Meet Previews, Predictions, Results.

    Alright. So now we are getting to my favorite season of the year. Track Season. Lets get some discussions going. Where's everyone gonna be at the first couple weeks of the season?