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    College of Wooster Shootouts

    Anyone have any feedback from the College of Wooster shootouts? I believe there were 3 in June with alot of NEO teams competing at different days.
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    Anyone know what the heck is going on at Smithville? AD resigns and HC is non renewed after 9 years thanks to some bad apples on the board and a few parents. Who is going after the coaching job. Looks like an assistant principal is taking over the AD duties.
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    Hoban 2019

    Does Hoban have anyone "moving in" next season?
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    Akron/Canton AAU Teams

    What is the state of the Akron/Canton AAU teams? Who are the top teams looking for players, etc? Any tryout or team information?
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    Canton D1 District

    The Federal League District. A district that is very balanced from 1-10 seeds out of 13. Barberton Boardman Dover Fitch GlenOak Green Hoover Jackson Lake Massillon McKinley Perry Wooster
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    What do we think of the new JBA and who from the area is playing?

    Looks like a bad open gym, but its early.
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    Ohio Cardinal Conference

    What does the league look like this season?
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    2017 Transfers

    Now that school has started. Who has transferred where and how long are they sitting out? I assume that none of them were bona fide moves per the OHSAA rules? 50% of the games?
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    Maple Heights

    Did Maple Heights get a few transfers? If so, who is sitting out and for how long?
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    Wayne County

    What does Wayne County look like this year? All schools/All divisions.... Who has alot coming back and who should be the best in the county?
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    No Seeding Meetings - NCAA Style Bracketing

    Has anyone heard that starting this year, there will not be a seeding meeting for the tournament? Each team will be seeded like the NCAA? Thoughts? Not sure I like taking the strategy out of it. Is this a done deal?
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    2017-2018 D1 Canton District

    What does this district look like for 2017-2018? Who is up and who is down? Who looks to be the front runner? Never to early to start talking.
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    Manfield Sr Open

    This just opened up. Anyone have any information on it? OCC wont be bad next year and Sr has alot of talent coming up.
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    Northwestern/VASJ - Post Article

    Anyone read the article in the about this game. Is this guy writing a legitimate article or is he just an angry South Pole Elf? And he gets the Northwestern coach to play into it. Sour grapes?? You got beat, deal with it. Writing an article and making accusations about...
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    Schools Changing Leagues

    Looking for information on schools who are changing or looking to change leagues.....