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    Cauliflower ear

    Has anyone had successful surgery fixing cauliflower ear?
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    Results Lake - Jackson

    Anyone know the results of Lake and Jackson on December 6th? Thanks
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    Spartan duals

    Anyone have any results from the spartan duals this past weekend?
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    Ohio Tournament this weekend.
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    Looking for a throwing coach

    Looking for a throwing coach around the Akron Canton area
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    Open mats on the weekends.

    Is there any open mats on the weekends around the Akron canton area?
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    I wounder how the new Penn State recruit feels that he picked Penn State over Ohio State? :laugh: :laugh:
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    open mats

    Walsh high school Tue. and Thur. 6pm to 8pm. youth to high school.
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    Open Mats

    :Party: Any open mats around Summit County Ohio?
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    Open mats

    Is there any open mats for grade school kids around akron area? Whith in 20 miles.