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    Racist Florida Home Appraiser Busted Undervaluing Mixed Race Family’s Home By $135,000 Just read the article and being an appraiser for 25+ years tells me this is certainly possible, but seems unlikely that there isn’t more to this story. Any thoughts on this situation, other than EP’s probable assertion that I’m...
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    Kirk Herbstreit cries like a baby over FAKE OPPRESSION OF BLACK PLAYERS

    Is Kirk woke or simply soft as a marshmallow? I say he deserves an Oscar for his overly-dramatic performance here. Kirk should stick to football analysis instead of being a crying, brainwashed-SJW shill.
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    Is Ketchup for Poor People?

    Can we debate non-serious things here? 😉 I doubt any of you remember or were part of this debate on another site whose name I forget, but let me ask you: is it fair to say that ketchup is for poor people and are you offended by those, like me, who maintain that assertion? If you do remember...
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    Is a Good Representation of Black Culture in America?

    Yes or no? At first glance, the site appears to promote violence and aggressiveness by showing thousands of fights and murders, is anti-Police and anti-Trump, pro-BLM, and encourages our black youth to pursue their living as hip-hop artists. Most videos have titles that seem to show little...
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    Unsealed Ghislaine Maxwell Documents

    What’s in there? This could definitely get interesting. Start with witness testimony that Maxwell directed minors to have sex with Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz on numerous occasions. Same thing with MIT scientist Marvin Minsky. Something about Bill Clinton also. I’ll have to keep my...
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    “Lean Into it Until Death!”

    BLM supporters once again showing their true colors. Hopefully, they’ll file charges against the couple in the photo and remove the teacher from his job. No need for that guy to be an educator...
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    Smithsonian’s Infographic on Whiteness

    Many of these apply to me. I must be white. Seriously, though, is there one for black people or other races? It might be fun to contrast and compare so we can see what white people are doing wrong in other people’s eyes. Thoughts on the graphic? Toward the end, some of it gets pretty comical.
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    Master Bedrooms & Master Bathrooms. Are These Terms Offensive?

    The terms ”master bedroom“ and “master bathroom” are again under fire, this time by the Houston Association of Realtors who have cited the terms as possibly offensive, stating “some members were concerned about how the terms might be perceived by some other agents and consumers”. The HAR will...
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    Once All the Sports Name Changing Been Completed...

    Can we still wear our racist gear in public or will we be publically ostracized and blasted all over social media? Will our jobs begin to be in jeopardy as a result of our hanging on old traditions? Personally, I’ll hang up all my Tribe gear and my WGH Raiders shirts so I can be a team player...
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    Does a Racial Slur Justify Felonious Assault?

    Legally speaking, I mean. Also, when I say “assault”, I’m referring to assault/battery. Socially, lately, I can imagine the camps are split. I ask because we've been seeing more and more videos out there of people getting beat up for using a racist word and I often wonder what becomes of the...
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    Former BLM Organizer, Chaziel Sunz, Speaking About BLM.

    Mr. Sunz shares some very interesting opinions about BLM, including who funds BLM and why black people shouldn’t be so quick to support the popular movement. His 2017 video is about 15 minutes long, but worth watching.
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    Will Derek Chauvin Commit Suicide in Jail?

    A la Jeffery Epstein?
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    Warren G. Harding Raiders 1990-2019 Top 30 Players

    Part 1 only...counts down #30-#16. Part 2 with #15-#1 comes out next week. Great job, Worm and Brandon! It was nice to see some former players interviewed, some local news guys, and an appearance from Thom McDaniels himself who (somewhat reluctantly lol) gives his own top 34 WGH players who...
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    “Smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em”.

    LOL...but it’s fake news because ZH also reported on the study. Fire ‘em up, boys! :)
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    Hot Mic Catches Interesting Exchange

    Apologies if this has been posted already within a thread. I haven’t been reading all of them. Looks like this was prior to yesterday’s WH Press Briefing. Two things I caught were one guy saying they’ve all been vaccinated already and the seriousness of the virus is all a hoax.
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    Album Question/Discussion

    Movie music on my mind reminded me of an old topic among my music/band friends. The topic came about from one-hit wonders and albums almost everybody has and the music question was this: What are the top 5 albums by an artist/group that outsold their next biggest selling albums by the most...
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    Two-Week National Quarantine Starting in 48-72 Hours?

    Take this with a grain of salt. From a different police friend. He says it’s from a trusted source, but nothing has been verified. His text said Trump will evoke the Stafford Act this weekend. The National Guard along with the military and some first responders will be dispatched across the...
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    Real Estate Appraisal Questions/Discussion

    I haven’t posted here in years until a couple weeks ago, but thought if I could help anyone with questions about real estate, appraisals, or the Central Ohio market in general, that I’d get a thread going. I’ve been a licensed appraiser in Ohio for 25 years. Post questions here or PM me if you...
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    Who Knows About the Benefits of Elderberry Syrup?

    I’m just getting a feel for the general knowledge here regarding taking elderberry syrup. I’m not an expert, but my wife sells it for a living so I know a bit about it. My family all take it multiple times a day. She brews it twice a week, packages it, and mails it all over the US and Canada...
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    New(er) Band CAAMP

    Is anyone familiar with CAAMP or like their sound? I started listening to them about a year ago and they’re pretty solid in their genre. Alt-County/Folk, I guess it would be. I think listening to the Avett Brothers made Spotify recommend them. They formed at Ohio U and two of the three...