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    Mogadore @ Springfield playoff rematch

    What do the Tigers have returning next year besides the QB?
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    next season

    Will there be basketball before 2021?
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    Joe James Youngstown Rayen

    Joe might of been the best ever to come out of Youngstown. Top 5 for sure.
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    Ellet position open?!?!?

    What has Noftz done except a few good years in western Ohio 30? years ago? College assistant - so what. Canton McKinley - average run at best. N. Allegheny - basically a failure then quit. Never met the guy but for some reason he keeps getting great opportunities.
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    "Worst Programs" to have EVER won a Playoff Title

    Lisbon David Anderson. Only contended once and pulled it off.
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    Cutting nets for sectionals

    Sectional trophies went away when girls sports came about. Money saver for the state. You can still see a lot of them in school's cases.
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    Remembering the Youngstown City Series

    Coach Frank Cegledy? Has there ever been anyone like him?
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    Remembering the Youngstown City Series

    Joe James and all of the other greats from Rayen. What a fun place to see a game in those days. I also remember Wilson having some good players.
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    Richmond Heights

    Saw where Richmond Heights handled Revere. Can anyone in D4 beat them?
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    Remembering the Ohio Big 8 Conference

    Harding had great basketball during that time period.
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    Portage Trail future

    Is the PTC dead? With Crestwood and Youngstown Christian out after this year - only 4 schools left. What a shame for what was once a solid 10 school league.
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    League titles on the line

    Any games this week that will decide league championships?
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    N E Ohio games tonight

    What games are still on tonight?
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    Warren Harding

    What is the real story with the Raiders? The new coach is trying the change the culture of Harding basketball but the old coach was good enough to get the McKinley job. Were they a lot of control problems the last few years or are they just appearing now?
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    Warren JFK

    2 Questions - How have they looked in their scrimmages and is the Dec game against McDonald at McDonald or in a tournament somewhere?
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    Is it true that Bedford basketball finished at 0-23? It seems like only a few years ago they were a power.
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    Alliance Christmas Classic

    Anyone have the schedule for Dec 23?
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    Lake Center Christian Hoops with a Heart

    Anyone know the schedule for this event on Sat Dec 16?
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    Wellsville and Youngstown Christian

    What are the prospects for these two d4 teams?
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    How could Ravenna basketball be like it is? They have been down for a while but nothing like this.