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    What to do?

    So, this morning I have to stop and get some Mtn Dew from my 36 holes I'm going to be playing. I stop into Speedway and I grab a 2 Liter and get inline. They lady in front of me approaches the counter I step up (I'm not wearing a mask), I'm next in line. I hear the lady talking to the...
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    Offended or Just plan embarrassed?

    Do people offend confuse these two? I seem to think so.
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    Pelosi should be in jail!

    She committed a federal crime by ripping up the POTUS speech. That speech was to go in the Hall of Records. The punishment is jail time and life time ban of holding a public office. Fact! Will she be held accountable and will justice be served?
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    ATTN: Yappi (Fridqay Night Stickies)

    I use Tapatalk to get updates and final scores on Friday night. This year I can't view the Updates or Finals Stickies at all. But I can view other stickies in the football forum. So my question to Yappi is why or who is creating these stickies and why are they different than the other...
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    The Bible Unlocked: It took Two Jesus Children to Make THE Jesus Can someone explain this to me? :shrug:
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    Motivational Speaker Goes Off Script To Give “Disrespectful” Students A Reality Check Thoughts?