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    Southwest Brackets

    assuming Ursula makes it out of round 1. That team is very inconsistent.
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    St Ursula Cincinnati Soccer Coach is OUT

    Disagree. Interim HC has been on the Varsity staff as assistant Varsity HC for 2-3 years and another 6 or so years with the JV teams. The program has been toxic for a few years. The racial and other inappropriate actions/comments certainly don’t help and the entire staff should have been fired...
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    St Ursula Cincinnati Soccer Coach is OUT

    Not really a “new” coach or new system. Guy has been there for years. Same kick and chase system Ruehl used.
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    Who is going to be good in Southwest Ohio this season?

    Watch out for Seton. Could be a sleeper. Ursula always has a ton of talent, but the coaching situation could be a problem. Sounds like the remaining staff is carrying on with the club nepotism from the previous regime. Many players taking a seat who are better, but don’t happen to play at the...
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    St Ursula Cincinnati Soccer Coach is OUT

    I’m glad they let him “resign” but it sounds like there were multiple families that had issues and they don’t sound minor.
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    Kings Hammer Girls Join ECNL

    The arrogance displayed by the CUP "leadership" probably has something to do with them not being considered for ECNL. Those guys are really proud of themselves.
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    More DA club defections to ECNL

    "Little man, big ego" HAHAHa, pretty much says it all.
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    More DA club defections to ECNL

    Partially true, Ohio Elite will never let CUP in ECNL. If teams perform well in the regional league i.e. win it, they will be invited to the full ECNL. KHA was essentially told to prove it on the field in season 1 and they will be in.
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    GA League

    What's the story with this new GA league replacing the DA. On the surface sounds like another avenue for the CUP "leadership" to say it's about the kids, development, blah blah blah, and try to sell the Rose Lavelle dream. Interesting that Rose never played DA or GA, but they still use her as...
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    More DA club defections to ECNL

    Just remember, it's all about the development of the kids, not the greedy adults trying to add lines to their resumes.
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    More DA club defections to ECNL

    I’m curious what costs US Soccer has. Do they pay the clubs/coaches/trainers etc.? Seems like the parents would have the most cost in all of this?
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    More DA club defections to ECNL

    Those are HUGE differences. Do ECNL teams have the same amount of travel. I’m hearing from DA parents that they are driving 6-8 hrs one way for ONE game multiple times per season. That doesn’t seem to make sense. I can’t imagine driving that far with the potential that your kid may not play at...
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    Is the GDA now allowing high school play?

    OK, so no real facts to back up your “dumpster fire” comment. Just that some people will be happy and some won’t and those in the program know it’s a “dumpster fire”. Throwing stones with no factual data is weak.
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    Is the GDA now allowing high school play?

    Please give specifics on this “dumpster fire” What are the issues? Do you have kids in the program or are you just salty your kid didn’t make it?
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    Cincy DA

    The CDA is almost a year old now. Curious to hear thoughts about the DA from people who have kids (or know kids) who chose to go this route. Pros/ Cons... Do they regret giving up HS?
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    Hot feet on turf

    Any magic bullets to cool feet while playing on turf?
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    Ohio rules question

    Is it a violation of Ohio High School rules to tell kids the teams have already been picked prior to try outs or is it just bad form?
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    I'd like to hear thoughts on ODP. Is it worthwhile? How is the training? Will the DA replace ODP? Only thing I've heard from some is that it's very political and in a lot of cases the best players don't necessarily always get picked. Who knows if this sentiment is due to their kids not getting...
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    #1 club for player development

    Every club claims this and they all say they don't care about winning. BS! So which club is truly about player development, if any?