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    Thoughts? Franklin in D1 again this year. 4 less boys they would have been D2.
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    Franklin Wildcat Football

    I believe the Cat will "Rise Above Expectations!" This will be a down your through, in your face, and very physical team.
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    Franklin Football 2015

    After a transition year last year the Cats will be looking to bounce back to their winning ways! Is 7-3 a good enough year for the Cats? Who's stepping in to fill the big shoe's left vacant off the defense lost to graduation?
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    Franklin basball 2015

    Who is coaching baseball at Franklin in 2015. Heard from a great source Jake Long resigned due to conflicting work schedule?
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    Franklin Football

    Will #10 play? I'm like everyone else in town thinking no! Needless to say Evan Crowe is a stud. I will say it he goes for 1700yds and 24tds not Kennard numbers but very respectable. 4peat I'm ready. Go CATS!!
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    Franklin has something special and it just not #10

    Brian Bales Why people and kids will go to war for him. He gets it!
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    Franklin Wildcat basketball 2013-14

    I'm a Franklin alumni, ex player, and proud parent. I'm super excited for the season to start. I'm going to use this thread to post positive's on:confused: Franklin basketball. NO KID bashing!! What about them Wildcats? Lets GO!! :grouphug:
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    Franklin 2013-14

    I hear from some of the boys they think the D will be good! Thoughts on the D for this year and the over all team?:grouphug:
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    How many kids have won P.O.Y as a sophmore? Congrats Luke as a sophomore winning DII POY in the great basketball state of Ohio. Thats Big time LK:clap:
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    6pm-9pm Thursday UD Arena

    4 of the top 10 DII teams play Thursday night at UD. For $8 it will be the best show around! ***should be a fun night for basketball and "kids"***
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    Carroll vs Franklin II

    I seen the score of the Monroe Carroll game and thought WHAT? How can the Cats not score 70. Then I thought how could Carroll score 71 on the Cats? Its not going to be a 30pt game but I say. Cats win 70 to 51
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    SWBL maybe getting some respect?

    I think by the end of the month the S.W.B.L maybe suprise some people! 1st round Monroe over Carroll
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    Who gets 2,000 passing yds in 2013?

    I think thats a big number! I hope to see Kennard get it!
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    Who wins the SWBL

    Franklin Carlisle
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    SWBL's best 2 Franklin @ Carlisle

    Carlisle 13-3 Franklin 12-3 Both teams are in first place on their side of the SWBL. Thought and scores? I say Cats by 14+... A Crowe will hurt the Indians...
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    Franklin put on a good show in SC

    Travis Lakins became the all time leader at Franklin 3 point shots made. Luke Kennard tie Kobe Bryant for the 6th most points scored in a game today with 43. Franklin showed they can play with anyone this weekend. Im proud of coach Bales and the boys. Now lets get home "safe" and get ready...
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    Franklin on webcast

    The Cat's play Orem Utah tommorrow @ 5:15 pm.
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    Franklin Wildcat watch it @ I dont have a great feeling about this one:thumb: but I know coach Bales will have them ready. Just to much size? We will see tonight at 7pm.
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    Franklin vs Bishop Gorman

    December 27th 7pm. Myrtle Beach Ball Classic. Does anyone know anything about them? I hear they are the real deal!
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    High level 9U Dayton

    If your looking for a very high level select baseball team in the South Dayton area. I could be your answer. Lets me know on here. Post info and I will call or Email.