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    Your program’s record since 2000

    Clinton-Massie 2000-2020 214-44 Playoffs 2002- present 6 region runnerup 4 region champ 1 state runnerup 2 state championships
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    Your program’s record since 2000

    Clinton Massie 2002 to present
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    Best 10-season run?

    Proud of my hometown team too so I have to list them. Not sure they belong in this conversation but here we go. Division 4 Clinton-Massie, 2008-2017, 119-14, 2 state championships, 1 state runner up, 4 regional championships, 3 regional runners up.
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    Alter vs DeSales DIII State Semi-Finals

    First and foremost I hope that coach Domsitz recovers fully. I think everyone has that as the number one goal. Second, I wouldnt wish a forfeit on my worst enemy. I would rather get beat on the field. At least you know someone was better than you. that brings me to my final point, I know each...
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    Roger Bacon, what gives?

    Cory Kiner happened!!!!!!
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    Waverly (8-0) @ Clinton Massie (8-0)

    Triple, you need to ease up a bit. I knew you to be a CM fan at one point. You have really been somewhat negative about this team all of a sudden. You are right, punt protection does need cleaned up.
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    #6 Alter vs.#5 Ross -Regional Finals

    I like both teams especially being from CM. They are both old school football teams. No disrespect to Alter but I will say I will be pulling for Ross because I can’t stand those spoiled kids from god knows where they were recruited from!!!! Down with the privates! Go Ross!
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    2020 SWBL Final Season

    Whoa whoa. Why would CM package themselves with Wilmington. I don’t think they are a package deal at all. However, it would make sense to add them both.
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    2020 SWBL Final Season

    It just makes too much sense to me.
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    2020 SWBL Final Season

    PLEASE add CM. If there was an invite or even a phone call to see if they were interested they would be silly not to at least entertain the idea. Personally, I have been advocating for a move to the SWBL since 2005 when they joined the SCOL.
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    Waverly (8-0) @ Clinton Massie (8-0)

    I’m pretty sure Massie has no say in ticket sales at this point. From what I understand the OHSAA says how many total people can attend the game. Then they give the home and away teams their codes to purchase tickets. I would love for the stadium to be full and many people be able to attend...
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    D4 Reg 16

    Agreed. I felt like CM, VV, Wyoming and IH were the top 4 with Waverly as my sleeper. All 5 of these teams are very good teams.
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    2020 SWBL Final Season

    I like the SWBL. I still feel it is competitive regardless of this season. Would still like to see CM join this league!
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    GCL Co-ed 2020

    Hicks is the best all around player on Alter’s team. I would assume teams in the GCL found ways to take him out of plays which is why his stats are down. Several years ago Clinton Massie had the Uetrecht kid at LB (Ball State). He didn’t lead their league in any stat categories either because...
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    Playoffs Round 2: Best Chances at an Upset?

    Covid has the best chance! Not gonna be long before some top tier teams forfeit out.
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    D4 Reg 16

    Massie, Indian Hill, Wyoming, Waverly
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    D4 Reg 16

    You’re right. Good call ex.
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    CHL Football 2020

    Valley view is good. Much better than their 4-2 record.
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    D4 Reg 16

    Waynesville will win. Stronger schedule. What makes you doubt Waynesville so much. I’ve seen a couple times where you don’t have much faith and I thought you were a SWBL guy.