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    Umpires (and fans maybe?) Helping Umpires

    As an umpire of many years (several just doing local rec games, to OHSAA certified, to getting in with a crew of almost all college umpires doing high-level tournaments), I rarely complain about other umpires. I know how hard the job is, and we don't have enough umpires to be trying to run...
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    Can you use some positive news right now?

    New Mexico (my birth state!) HS wrestler saves a woman and her small child from being kidnapped. Besides the jackass criminal, the only other part that kills me is how long it takes for police to arrive, but staying positive...
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    Help/Advice Please --> 12U Catcher for tournaments?

    I have spent considerable time trying to find my answer online but have not been successful. My son plays in a 12U league in Uniontown OH, and he loves playing catcher, and he is pretty good at it. He has been on the same rec team for many years, moving up together in age, but this season, his...
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    Growth Allowance for Previous Night Match

    My MS team is attending a tournament tonight and tomorrow (2 day bracket). We literally just got an email at 9:20am stating that "a team just informed us they wrestled last night so the growth allowance will be +3". Isn't there a bylaw that teams must be given 48 hours notice? The team knew...
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    Protective Eyewear that is legal for matches?

    Hi All, Without delving into too many specifics about eye conditions, I have been trying all year to find or get information about what kind of protective eyewear can be worn for wrestlers who have eye conditions. One of my wrestlers lost vision in one eye, and his parents refuse...
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    Minimum Weight for HVY in Middle School?

    Hello All, Quick question...I had been told before that a MS wrestler must be over 205 (at least 205.1) in order to wrestle heavyweight, and then over 207 after the Christmas growth allowance kicks in. Then I was told by a coach today that they are bumping a 205B to heavyweight. When I...
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    Question About Special Equipment (Refs?)

    Hi All, I was certified as an official a couple years ago and still don't know how to answer this question, so if anyone can help... I coach MS scholastic wrestling. I have a kid who wants to wrestle (I don't have him in class so only communicating via email with mom) but he has an eye...
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    Middle School "B" Wrestler Opportunities

    Hello, Many thanks to some of you for replying to my original post about filling an A schedule, I now have a full "A" team schedule, including an event we got into b/c of posting here. Now I am looking for some events that meet one of two criteria... 1) An event that is for "B"...
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    Hudson MS (Northeast Ohio) Looking for Events!

    Hudson MS currently only has 13 points on our schedule, and 2 of those are for a B tournament (so 11 for A team). Regardless, we have the following dates open for A or B events (would love to get more B kids matches also) Wednesday's: 12/14 12/21 12/28 1/25 Saturday's: 12/10 12/17 12/24 12/31...
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    Fun Fact about match before districts

    Little fun fact...from Mentor district 113 (of which no wrestler from my associated school is in so this is just an observation) Before the districts start, Sparkman from Perry (#21 in Boro almanac) and Murphy from Mass. Washington (#22 in Boro) will face off to see who is the 3/4 seed from...
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    NE Ohio Freestyle/Grecco Clubs?

    Hi All, I coach MS wrestling and we have/had a very young team this year. 24 kids came out as 7th graders, a very nice number, all but 3 of which gave the sport a try for the first time. The last two practices of the year, we had "fun practices" and ran a grecco day and a freestyle...
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    Hudson H.S. JV Tournament

    Hudson High school (Summit County) is hosting a JV tournament on Saturday, January 30th. If anyone is looking for more JV matches - send an email to Hudson High School Head Coach, Joe Caniglia at
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    Hudson HS Hosting JV Tournament

    Hi Coaches and Parents, Hudson High school is hosting a JV wrestling tournament on Saturday, January 30th. If anyone is looking for more JV matches for their kids (who isn't?!) - please send an email to Hudson High School Head Coach, Joe Caniglia at Coach would be...
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    My DVR didnt record!

    Aghh! My dvr is set to record all wrestling on big ten channel and espn2, where all matches were before finals. Came home just now and nothing recorded b/c it was on espn main station. I scrolled through next 3 days or so looking for w rerun and dont see any. Anyone know if finals are being...
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    Big Ten Wrestling on Directv??

    Hi All, My DVR is always set to record Big Ten Wrestling, every year there has been no issue. This year, not one episode of BTN Wrestling has showed up. Did the channel change? If you have Directv, am I missing something? I have it set to record any "college wrestling" on channel 610...
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    Baumspage Brackets?

    Am I going crazy? I went to lunch and checked Baumspage for brackets. At 12:30 they were updated through 170 in D1 via my I-phone. Got back to work and checked again and brackets are not updated for quarterfinals at all, for any division. Any reason I can see them on my phone but not on desktop?