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  1. wobycat

    When's the next DeWine announcement?

    To get a leg up on being somewhere else
  2. wobycat

    Those who have said no to football

    Why are they delaying telling the athletes that they won’t have a season? Picture day is tomorrow.
  3. wobycat

    Question for those who think we should or think it will shutdown.

    Why the delay? There's no vaccine. There will always be a risk of getting it whether the cases are high or low, so.... What's the point of waiting?
  4. wobycat

    The incompetent of 2020: Sports edition-Loss of Fall Sports

    Our leaders are slowly removing fall sports from our youth, and looks like they will succeed. The coaches association outlined a plan to allow students to have some sort of normalcy in their world of turmoil. A plan which would allow students to play but yet also promote safety and caution. For...