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    Adjusted Spring Sports Timeline - Starting May 2nd

    According to the OHSAA, they are NOT cancelling the spring sports seasons despite the recent extension to May 1st (THANK GOD). That said, does anyone have any ideas what the option are? Can they extend the season into the summer? Shortened season with only a handful of schools making the...
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    Nike Girls H.S. Invitational in West Chester this weekend

    Any thoughts on the match-ups, teams to watch, or games to watch?
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    DII Region 8: #5 Bay (9-1) at #4 Ashland (9-1)

    Don't know anything about Ashland but would like to hear about their team. As for Bay, it appears that their starting QB will finally return from injury this week. Bay has used 4 different QB's this year (plus a RB throwing from the Wildcat) due to injuries. They have not been full strength...
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    Track sprinter (13.4 in 100m) with minimal foot skills - how would you use her?

    Interested in others' opinions on this. We currently have a track athlete who runs a 13.4 (100m) which means she is usually the fastest kid on the field. However she does not have much in the way of foot skills. Decent first touch and good passer, but no real footskills. The coaches appear to...