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    Cape Coral/Ft Meyers Beach

    headed there in a few weeks. any can't miss places or activities? any suggestions on things to do? have a couple things in mind but also have two graduates to entertain. one college and one high school. had out planned mexico all inclusive vacation cancelled. thanks
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    Good Hiking Trails

    since the china virus has started my wife and i like to hike. i'm in swo and looking for good hiking spots other than the most popular spots like hocking etc. i've done mt airy numerous times, shawnee lookout, miami whitewater. did clifton gorge today and it was awesome. any other good...
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    showtime and starz

    offering free channels but not showing a damn thing worth watching. lol jtk ()
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    Duke upset be SFA

    lost in ot 85-83 lol. first non conference home loss since 2000. jtk ()
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    And this is whats wrong with youth sports........ jtk ()
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    what do you think?

    jtk ()
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    NFL Referee

    Pretty cool to see a former Cincy HS standout now an NFL referree. Terry Killens is now in the NFL working as the Umpire on a crew. Saw him on Sunday Night Football last evening. jtk ()
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    Got kicked out of elder game vs st ed. Lol jtk ()
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    final word

    when are you going to start my favorite thread of the year? or maybe you already did and i didn't search beyond pg1 of the elder forum jtk ()
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    Rules Question????

    when a team has a free kick: a) does defense have to give 10 if they don't ask, and b) if they don't ask for 10 and the defense moves closer to the kick, does that warrant a yellow card? happened in game yesterday. nearing end of game, team A losing 1-0, team B awarded a free kick. team B...
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    PF party August 2nd

    Planet Fitness is having a party on august 2nd. food, fun, and prizes. can't wait to attend. jtk ()
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    new OH girls bb coach......

    great hire as far as x's and o's. love to see the parents and the community give him a chance. you all will enjoy him immensely. jtk ()
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    No, No......

    Edinson Volquez, a former RED does the magic. Good job! jtk ()
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    Basketball brawl......

    at sports plus on Sunday 5/7/2017. Bench clearer, parent involved.......pretty sad that a basketball game would lead to such violence. it wasn't even the finals or anything like that. in high school there would be consequences for the offenders. are their consequences for aau/summer ball...
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    Highlanders lost another great one........

    Longtime teacher, principal, coach and friend. Mr. Upchurch passed on and will be looking upon highlander nation from heaven. RIP!! jtk ()
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    RIP Coach Roche......

    many great memories for a lot of people. you will be missed! jtk ()
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    2016 champs.......

    congrats on 3 in a row. jtk ()
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    WTH is going on in C-Bus?

    Apparently there is an active shooter? jtk ()
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    2016/2017 NCAA discussion thread......

    IU lost to the IPFW mastadons......:laugh: North Carolina is really good jtk ()
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    2016-2017 Boys Hoops........

    Looks to be a strong year for the Highlanders this season. They have all the tools in place to win a GMC title and make a good run in the tournament. jtk ()