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    Northern Buckeye Conference Pick 'em

    Week One: Fostoria @ Eastwood Genoa @ Elmwood Lake @ Rossford Woodmore @ Otsego
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    How is your school handling tickets?

    4 tickets per athlete. Presale only. Visiting school distributes their own tickets and brings a check to the game. Tickets sold at practice. Cash only and exact change. If you don't buy them then, you're not getting in. This was for a varsity soccer game on Saturday night, but I imagine...
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    Hypothetical: if you wanted to make your son the "star" of your FB team, what system would you run?

    In my hypothetical, he's an average athlete: 5'9", 170. Average foot speed, arm strength, etc. I'd say - off the top of my head - put him at FB in a Wing-T or similar offense. I suppose QB in an Air Raid system might work, too. I'm not saying "anyone" can handle either position - or that...
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    Rossford 12U team looking for a couple of players

    We play in the Oregon Tier 2 league and will play 4-5 tournaments from April through the middle of July. This is a "neighborhood" team dedicated to letting the boys learn the game and enjoy themselves. We practice 2 times a week in Rossford during the winter and will practice 2/3 times per...