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    Elder Basketball 2020-2021

    When are rosters announced?
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    Looks like they have finally canceled Nationals
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    Cincinnati High School Teams 2020

    I've seen Elder's roster posted but nothing from Moeller and X. Any word on those rosters
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    Elder Volleyball 2020

    Did any of the juniors that got cut have option to play for JVA?
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    Elder Volleyball 2020

    Britton didn't finish the season last year and supposedly Gavin is doing track. That could open 2 spots.
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    Ohio Club Teams 2019

    Looks like Attack 18 made silver but lost in first game
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    Elder Basketball 2019-2020

    Sounds like they are missing two players from last season. Royer and Keyes. Both had size and toughness
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    Ohio Club Teams 2019

    Looks like most of top Ohio teams will be in Columbus this weekend. I assume the top teams will be: Vanguard Ohio Premier Attack ?
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    Division One, State of Ohio, Final Four: Elder vs Springfield

    What ever happened to Ammon kicking off?
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    Cincinnati club teams

    Not trolling and not connected to OP, I went to OP website and couldn't find a roster for their teams. Attack has rosters but not what schools they were from.
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    Cincinnati club teams

    Looks like Attack has a lot of new names on black 18's this year that weren't on black 17's last year. What about OP?
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    Cincinnati club teams

    With Ohio Premier being added this year, how will this affect Attack and CVA teams?
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    Are you a true West Sider??

    You don't have to worry about the ice cream running down your hand. It's almost like a frozen whipped cream. And some different flavors.
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    Are you a true West Sider??

    I've heard a skyline and a library. I'm sure EHS2001 will have better details.
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    Best All-time Cincinnati Area Running Backs

    Bradley Glathaar, Elder
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    Elder Football 2019

    That's a shame. I thought he had a higher ceiling in football than basketball.
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    Elder Football 2019

    Any word how the Niangane kid is looking after missing last season?
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    Soccer 2017

    What are expectations for this season? Can they go farther in state tournament this year?