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    D4 Reg 16

    Who wins first round games? How might the region play out? Thoughts?
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    Future Stars football game

    Does anyone know what this is and does it benefit the kids??
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    Cambridge football

    Does Cambridge have an opening week 5 in 2017???
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    Kettering Alter vs Indian Hill

    I believe that this was the regional final projection at the beginning of the season. Now it's a round 1 matchup. Can Indian Hill expose the secondary of Alter? Will Indian Hill be able to at least slow down Alter's run game? Thoughts?
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    D IV Reg. 14

    Getting pretty close to playoff time. I calculated some numbers and these are based on who I think will beat who, so these could change easily. I think the seeds will be: 1. Alter (10-0) 30.65 2. CM (10-0) 29.15 3. McNick (9-1) 27.55 4. Wyoming (9-1) 26.12 5. Taylor (9-1) 24.15 6. Circleville...
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    Madeira scrimmage

    Did Madeira scrimmage Waynesville. If so, what were some results. Should have been a good scrimmage.