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    GMC 20-21 Basketball

    Hamilton struggled with Mt. Healthy last night... a little surprising??? Mt. Healthy should be average at best this year.
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    Top schools in the state of Ohio

    No one feels sorry for Moeller. They "attract" plenty of talent.
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    Top schools in the state of Ohio

    McCracken is gone too. Family moved out of state.
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    How 'bout some positivity

    Not a matter of schools monitoring players. It's a matter the increased number of cases going to cause kids to have to quarantine if a family member gets it, teams to have to quarantine if a player on the team gets it, etc... I agree go ahead and try and play now as nothing much is going to...
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    'pausing the start of the winter sports season'

    Well then what a waste of everyone's time with the survey.
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    'pausing the start of the winter sports season'

    Because schools are scared of what is going to happen when students return from Thanksgiving break. I would assume any short term pause of that time frame would be to give a week after break to see what cases might develop from the Thanksgiving holiday.
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    'pausing the start of the winter sports season'

    It won't be rescheduling "the game". It will likely be rescheduling 4-5 games if a team has to shutdown for 14 days. I am not saying that the season should or should not be paused, but the rescheduling in basketball will be more involved than it was in football.
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    'pausing the start of the winter sports season'

    I don't think the pause was ever going to come from Dewine. It would come from the OHSAA. The OHSAA is the one who sent out a survey to all schools asking for their opinion on whether to carry on or pause. I would imagine the OHSAA will make a decision based upon responses to that survey.
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    D1 State Finals: Pickerington Central vs St. Xavier

    X has huge advantages... not saying they are recruiting but they can draw from all over, have great facilities, plenty of money flowing into the athletic program, great parental support, etc... To be honest I am not sure how X was so bad in basketball for so many years.
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    GCL Co-Ed 2020-21

    1st round loss last year was a major disappointment for a team that had the potential to make it to district/regionals.
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    What will this basketball season look like?

    I'm afraid things aren't looking good for basketball season. If teams are going to be quarantined every time a player tests positive or every time that they have played against someone who then tests positive, there aren't going to be enough teams left to play.
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    Dayton Area Basketball

    Hamilton may have a shot to contend with Moe. They picked up a 7 footer who is committed to Auburn... transferred in from Hawaii. Rumblings they may have a couple others that have followed him. And Moeller lost Land and Currin who were seniors last year, and McCracken who was a junior last...
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    High school basketball

    I'm sure there is. Which coach in particular are you trying to complain about?
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    I don't think Land even played football at Moeller.
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    HA HA... I don't know of any basketball program that has football players taking 2 weeks off before they come to basketball practice. 2 days maybe... not two weeks.
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    I believe the football regular season would've ended this Friday night anyway (if season was normal) so every football player would've been missing the first couple days of practice. Not the end of the world if football teams are playing extra games this weekend. I would say dragging it out...
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    Cincinnati transfers(to and from)

    Parents can send their kids to school wherever they want, but the OHSAA says they cannot be recruited... so it is someone's business. And if a kid is being given reduced or free tuition because they are a good athlete that is illegal too. I know it happens but to say it's none of our business...
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    Flying to the Hoop

    Moeller is always looking for games... schedule being full is definitely not the reason they don't play in FTTH. And I don't think they have ever played in FTTH.
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    Deer Park ?

    I see Deer Park is delaying the start of all winter sport until November 9th.