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  1. MentorGrad2002

    Oklahoma State RB mad his coach wore an OAN shirt

    RB Hubbard: Gundy's OAN shirt 'unacceptable' via @espn App Apparently now you can only be a leftist or else it is unacceptable. What a baby
  2. MentorGrad2002

    What happened to all those caravans?

    Seems the bogus asylum loopholes being closed has stopped the mass caravans of illegals that were traveling up Central America and through Mexico. Common sense prevailed in making immigrants apply for asylum in the first country their home country borders. This is done instead of walking...
  3. MentorGrad2002

    What's Your Heritage?

    Been digging through my family history to see my heritage. Dad's side has Cuba, Spain and France. Mom's side has Hungary and Germany. I knew most of this already but still interested to learn more overall So what is everyone's heritage on here if you'd like to share ? Curious to see how diverse...
  4. MentorGrad2002

    State Finals 2018 Question

    Trying to plan a trip and want to be in town to watch the d1 game for whoever makes it Will D1 be Friday again this year? Are there any places that have announced the calendar of games? Thanks in advance for any answers as I couldn't find it myself Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mentor's Noah Potter commits to Ohio State This is the second Mentor junior to commit to Ohio State joining left tackle Ryan Jacoby It's very rare for Mentor to have 2 high D1 guys on the same team. And the team will be very young next year...
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    Movies 2018 Oscar Nominees Best picture nominees Call me by your name Darkest Hour Dunkirk Get Out Lady Bird Phantom Thread The Post The Shape of Water Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    3 GCC teams in final 8 in D1

    Congrats to Mentor ,Medina and Strongsville. Strongsville and Medina play so one will be in the final 4. Mentor would have to pull a huge upset to have a shot at Jackson Very good sports league and I'm glad we are a part of it ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New Years 6 Bowl Predictions

    Figured this is relevant as it effects many on these boards. It used to be the bowls had ordered picks to select their teams but now the committee does this. My guesses before the conference title games Orange: Clemson vs Michigan State Cotton: Alabama vs Oklahoma Rose: Ohio State vs...
  9. MentorGrad2002

    Monster Week 7 Coming Up

    UCLA/Stanford (TH) Michigan/Michigan State Alabama/Texas A&M Florida/LSU USC/Notre Dame Ohio State/Penn State Baylor/West Virginia Florida State/Louisville Oklahoma:'/Kansas State Utah/Arizona State Now that is a college football week! Who does everyone have? Looks like an all day event...
  10. MentorGrad2002

    Mentor schedules Mass/Eds

    They are home and home series coming up in the next couple of seasons Massillon will play in Mentor in 2016 and at their place in 2017. Both look like week 1 games I hope this can go on long term. I know Mentor won't stop the series. Many fans wanted it to resume and I'm glad it's back...
  11. MentorGrad2002

    Dalvin Cook- not guilty!

    Broke yesterday at like 730 Of course ESPN slammed the kid for a month and now talks about him being innocent for all of 5 minutes. This is how they operate Good lesson to the media and Internet fans who assume guilt whenever a guy is accused. Story was fishy from the start. -The girl...
  12. MentorGrad2002

    Greater Cleveland Conference 2015

    The Greater Cleveland Conference (GCC) name is back after the breakup of the Northeast Ohio Conference. 7 of the bigger schools in the NOC along with Euclid from the LEL comprise the 8 team all sport conference. 2015 GCC Members: Brunswick Elyria Euclid Medina Mentor Shaker Heights...
  13. MentorGrad2002

    ESPN is officially out to get FSU

    For all of you guys acting like I was nuts on this here you go. ESPN just put out a records request to the tally pd for any report with 360 fsu players mentioned in it with requests from 3 or 4 years ago included They couldn't get Winston on the bs rape accusations so now they are fishing...
  14. MentorGrad2002

    Mentor/Cincy St Xavier Sign 2 Year Contract

    I was told I was allowed to release the details so here it is. What a monster regular season matchup! The games will be played in week 3. 2015 will be at St Xavier 2016 will be at Mentor On one hand it is a desperate move because it seems both teams are having trouble finding local opponents...
  15. MentorGrad2002

    UAB dropping football

    News is all over the place from head coach bill Clark. The ad has been fired and they are shutting down football First d1 school since pacific I believe in 95 to drop football They will reportedly be kicked out of conference usa as well I'm sad for uab as they played us (Florida Atlantic)...
  16. MentorGrad2002

    Defending Champs Florida State 2014

    FSU opens with Oklahoma State at Cowboys Stadium in primetime Saturday night. Some other fun opponents this year include Miami, Florida, Clemson, Louisville (on a primetime TH night game) and Notre Dame. I think FSU has a really good chance at running the table and contending for the title...
  17. MentorGrad2002

    Lake Erie League-what is left?

    A few years ago the LEL had 10 teams in 2 5 teams divisions Mentor-Left for NOC and is now in the new GCC in 2015 Euclid-will be in the GCC in 2015 Shaker Hts-will be in the GCC in 2015 Warren Harding-now in the AAC Cleveland Hts-still LEL Maple Hts-LEL Lorain-LEL Shaw-LEL Bedford-probably...
  18. MentorGrad2002

    Heather Cox and ESPN should be ashamed. 4 straight questions on the rape allegations after the case was dropped and right after Winston/FSU won the ACC Title game to get to the title game? Every question by her was...
  19. MentorGrad2002

    Mentor/VASJ To Meet This Season Defending D1 state champion vs defending D4 state champion. Only 2 starters back from each team though and the teams will be drastically different. Mentor is replacing 5 of...
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    Week 4: #4 Florida State (3-0) vs. #10 Clemson (3-0)

    Game is the 8 pm primetime game on ABC. Gameday will be in Tallahassee for this one as well. Probably the showcase matchup for the ACC conference as a whole. Florida State has played week competition thus far, but have handled them with ease as should be expected. Wake Forest did have a...