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    State XC Results just for fun

    I combined all the divisions for each and made the results printouts. Here are the links (girls results are very interesting) GIRLS BOYS
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    XC meet schedules on Finishtiming

    Just as an FYI. Our schedule is updating rapidly with changes and we will most likely not have it finalized until this weekend. We closed registration for a few days so as not to confuse people that think a meet is still open to them. Any meet that was hosted by a GWOC or MVL school are now...
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    University of Akron Special Meets with Clinics

    Akron is having a couple special meets with clinics for polevault and throws (inluding discus) January 11th for polevault January 12th for throws (Shotput, Weight, Discus)...
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    2019 OHSAA XC State meet videos

    Videos are posting now and should become available thru out the day. Sorry have to repost them in a different format. New link listed below. Also will have finishline video from timing system with results.
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    Things to remember when scheduling for 2020

    For the 2020 Track and Field season current dates will be moved 5 days due to state meet moving. Remember you need your schedule to move with the state meet and not say you are the 3rd saturday of the month for example. In order for most schools and timing companies to stay with your meet...
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    Indoor meets cancelled for saturday 01/19

    Ohio State HS Meet #2 01/19/19 has been cancelled. Bowling Green State University - Sid Sink HS Open will be on as scheduled. If anyone wants to brave the weather we will be accepting entries at the door.
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    OHSAA State Meet is POSTPONED

    OHSAA State XC Meet has been postponed until Saturday Nov 10th. The facility is under water and will not dry out by this saturday. I just received the call from Terry Oerhtman.
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    Week 3 Meets (Deadlines)

    Coaches Week 3 is a very big meet week for some of the largest meets in the state on the same day. Please get your entries in as deadlines are sooner than normal due to the amount of teams at each meet. Baumspage Tiffin Carnival Deadline Sept 4th at noon Finishtiming, Buckeye-Timing, Can't...
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    Uniform numbers

    Quick question about uniform numbers. My local school is getting new uniforms. They are maroon on front and white on back. Can the number on the back of the uniform be a gold number with maroon outline or do they need to be a solid color. Rule reads contrasting color and size.
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    Middle School Coaches Must read (HS Coaches also)

    Coaches Not sure if anyone knows this but I just received an email from Baumspage that ALL MS teams that want to compete in the OHSAA State meet for MS this year they must declare their intent to do so by March 24th. (9 days from now) There are 876 MS in the state and only about 450 have done...
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    2018 Finishtiming XC Classic Meet Info

    Complete Meet Info/Contract Click Here (Including course maps and course video) Finishtiming Cross Country Invitational August 25, 2018 **NEW LOCATION** due to Construction of the New Indoor Track at Wilmington College Champions Park Cross Country Course at Clark County Fairgrounds 4401...
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    Tiffin Carnival

    Coaches/Athletes The deadline for registration is Monday night at 9pm. Please make sure you are entered into the meet by then. If you are an athlete reading this then ask your coach today or tomorrow if you are entered to remind them.
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    Clark County Fairgrounds JV Invitational

    The meet will be Saturday Oct. 7th, 2017. Clark County Fairgrounds 4401 South Charleston Pike Springfield, Ohio 45502 Meet Info Link (video of course and maps Shortly) PLEASE EMAIL if you are interested in attending THIS MEET IS FOR JV ATHLETES ONLY. THE ATHLETE MUST...
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    State Meet "Live Results" Links

    Seated Div 1 Div 2 Div 3 or just go to for all...
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    OATCCC State Indoor Information

    Accepted Entries / Heat Sheets / Live Results Links Division 1 Division 2/3
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    OHSAA State Championships Live Results

    Here is the link to all meet information and site for Live Results and Officlal results with each split scoring. We will have a display board at finish line with live team scoring and results for each split and we will have a second board...
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    Tiffin Carnival deadline

    Entry deadline was last night at 8pm. I have opened it back up until 7pm tonight. Please make sure you get entered.
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    Ohsaa preseason cc meet

    Coaches For those of you planning on attending and you have not signed up. Please do so ASAP. Deadline was tonight at 9 but has been extended since there are over 20 schools still not entered. Please do so quickly so I can get your packets ready. :)
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    Bowerman Award - Shawn Barber (University of Akron)

    Akron’s own Shawn Barber Named 2015 Track and Field News Athlete of the Year Collegiate indoor pole vault record holder Named after legendary coach and co-founder of Nike Bill Bowerman Bowerman is college track and field’s Heisman like trophy Fans can vote once per device over the course...
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    2015 OHSAA State T&F Championships LIVE RESULTS

    Here is a quick link for all divisions Live Results. There is a live scoreboard button at the top of each page that will be just like what goes up on the scoreboard in Real Time.