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  1. cabezadecaballo

    To all you yappi veterans....

    What do you guys think ? Has vintage poster wch, UncleTed, joined the Proud Boys as the oldest member of the east Indy chapter ?
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    Maybe the most amazing thing I saw yesterday....

    What in the heck is happening here, in this excerpt of an interview ? Who are these two broads also being interviewed ? Who is the producer in the newswoman's ear piece, and what was she told ...
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    #WuhanCuomoVirus WuuHooFlu devastates NYC, and Fredo Cuomo talks about "adulation"? East Coast Liberals are the dumbest people on the planet. Adulation for Andrew Cuomo ? Really ? Andrew...
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    Has the Browns' next Head Coaching Search already begun, or could be we getting more Freddie ?

    Okay, say whatever you want, from hopping on "the Freddie Excuse Train" to "they still lost to two 3rd string QBs", but the Browns' schedule has been brutal. Compare the Browns' schedule to-date to the NFL's week 14 Power Rankings...
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    Myles Garrett is not a player, not even a man to Mike Florio. And to Goodell..... ?

    Attorney and NFL commentator Mike Florio, @MikeFlorioPFT , who essentially lobbied for Garrett's crucifixion immediately after last Thursday's fracas, is a virtue-signalling man-twat. Unfortunatley, he seems to have the ear of the NFL offices in Manhattan. Myles Garrett is not a player, not...
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    Time to get busy. Serve the People.

    Here's a great clip from a few days back. Conservatives need to seize the initiative while the wave of crazy that the Left rode to a House majority and a TDS Voice creates inaction. Ted Speaks Truth!! These guys need to get charging ahead conspicuously on the state level with Republicans...
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    STAY AWAY from FaceApp

    Do not download FaceApp. Tell your friends. It was disheartening to see the Cleveland Indians using it on their Jumbotron. They probably hooked in a few thousand more "users" for the writers of the app that can become "the used".
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    Judges against America

    In yet another aggressive act of judicial activism directed by Party politics, we have an over-reach from the Judicial branch trying to step on Executive powers. Over and over, Trump is...
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    Cool echo chamber here, bro. No dissenting opinions to be found anywhere. It seems you moderated everybody away :shrug:
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    2019 Bengals

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    Sports-loving Racists and Social engineerin Efforts

    I'm going to start a thread with two posts from the NFL forum, because I think that the comments they inspire from me leads to a discussion that belongs in the Debate Forum. We don't want our Yappi moderators to be over-worked!! Here goes: So true, both of you. Here is the real deal...
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    What Are You Doing, #60

    I'm wondering who blew up WAYD thread #59. Nice going, jerks.
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    LeBron getting out of his lane

    Shut up and dribble. It will be interesting to hear what, if anything, comes from LeBron James' latest self-important, naive', and potentially inflammatory musings from his HBO Barber Shop show. I see snippets of video that ESPN is humping where Mr. KingJames is holding court with Todd Gurley...
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    Who are some of the best....

    Just wondering - Who do you guys think are the best defensive catchers in the class of 2020 ?
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    Nothing to Hide

    This ad was running on the Beacon Journal's sports pages - :laugh:
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    2018 Cleveland Browns

    DB posted this^ in the old 2017 thread, so it seemed a good occasion to begin the new season thread. If anyone wants to discuss all the FORMER Browns players in the playoffs, please do it in another thread. :dang: Too depressing to start a season that way.
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    Hey locals - we're hungry!!

    If your school is hosting a playoff game, where should visitors consider getting a bite to eat ?
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    The Fundamental Fallacy Behind the Concept of White Privilege

    So, this morning, my wife shares with me a Facebook post from a "typical white woman". I happen to know the woman and her family fairly well, and I am familiar with the track that her life has taken. In her post, she has a video that features a man in a park speaking to a large, racially...
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    General NFL News

    Sherman winning friends and influencing people ? What a garbage teammate. How about...
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    Is it time for a hard salary cap in the NBA ?

    The NBA regular season is just looking like an exhibition any more. The Cavs and Warriors are supposed to be playing the best of the NBA in these playoffs, and both are undefeated. Emphatically so. It's getting close to Washington Generals territory for much of the NBA. A hard salary cap like...