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    what would it take for you to believe the election was fair

    for me: 1: an independent investigation into the voter machine to make sure they tabulated votes correctly 2: an independent investigation into the voter machines to make sure they weren't electronically compromised. 3: an independent investigation into the vote tabulation software to make...
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    democrat voter suppression

    democrats go to court to get Green Party candidates taken off of ballot in Montana. another case of "accuse the other side of the very thing you are doing."
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    Schumer attacks supremes

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    the nail in the coffin for truth in news.

    Two things should now put to rest the notion that a center "mainstream news media" exists. 1. the Horowitz report. for over two years every "mainstream news outlet" reported the truth of the Steele dossier. and I mean EVERY one. nbc, cbs, abc, New York times, Washington post, cnn. the...
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    tax cuts

    just finished my 2018 return. $2,400 tax cut compared to 2017. no one who knows me would call me rich. thanks trump and pubs for the doe!
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    ohio cardinal conference

    anybody in here follow this conference? some very interesting things happening at Mansfield senior high. Is this still Ashland's conference to lose? discuss...
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    Civil Discourse Somebody posted this link to an article and I was seriously moved by it. Please read the article and discuss any aspect of it you would like. I will start of with the notion of "cultural superiority." Is one...
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    Why officials are becoming scarce

    we saw a Friday night game at berea last week. There was an interesting end of the first half. A field goal attempt was blocked, went into the endzone where a defensive player caught it and tried to advance the kick. The officials of course blew the play dead because you can't advance a kick...
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    looking for girls golf matches

    i am the high school girls golf coach for mansfield senior high. I am looking for some matches. we can do a home and home if you want or we can go to your place or you can just come to ours. I am looking for matches that are within an hour from mansfield.
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    I know you are out there. Please do me the courtesy of explaining what happened out there. How could the experts have this so wrong?
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    mansfield senior looking for matches

    I am the high school bowling coach. We need some matches. our home bowling center is not playable for match conditions so I can only schedule away contests. If you are within an hour and a half of Mansfield please contact me to schedule a match. Thanks.