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  1. James x2

    Should OHSAA have illuminated backboard technology to help with buzzer beater shots?

    Would Red LED lights on the perimeter of the glass backboard that illuminate (when the clock goes to zero/buzzer sounding) be cost effective at the high school level ? Would anyone like this to be employed?
  2. James x2

    Rhodes to forfeit 10 wins for using an ineligible player

    This was reported in Their record goes from 15-3 to 5-13 and will not play for the Senate League Championship. Whats next?
  3. James x2

    Being reported that Kobe Bryant Died????

    Fox sports radio just had breaking news that TMZ of all people reported he died today in a helicopter crash. Network TV shows nothing. WTF ????
  4. James x2

    Scholastic Play By Play Classic

    I heard this was going to be at Euclid. Does anyone have the exact date,times,and the lineup of teams playing?
  5. James x2

    Streaming the championships on spectrum

    Constantly buffering.Skipping action sometimes 2-3 plays worth.And blurred resolution.Not all the time but enough that watching for any length of time is almost impossible.Anyone else with this? FWIW I stream all kinds of content with little issues outside of this Spectrum app.
  6. James x2

    Euclid Panthers 3-0 vs. Medina Bees 3-0.

    Euclid edges McKinley in a shoot out.Medina beats rival Wadsworth. What is going to happen in this big computer point,GCC match-up? Boy this conference is looking like a weekly meatgrinder.
  7. James x2

    Public vs. Private .What schools or coaches whine the most about unfair advantages?

    Competitive balance.Did it satisfy the complainers? What happens going forward in D-1? Separating the two should never happen. I would like more publics to step up their game and compete.Is that even possible? Or is the talent disparity too great to over come the football factories?
  8. James x2

    Will Spire Academy become a football destination?

    Anyone watching what they are doing in Basketball? Could they duplicate this in football and begin attracting the cream of the crop not only around Ohio but nationally to form a super team? Start taking on the Bishop Gorman's of the world? Imagine the Iggy's,Ed's,and Hobans of the world losing...
  9. James x2

    Anyone dislike the Friday heavy Playoff format?

    Maybe i'm in the minority when compared to others that attend H.S football playoff games.But I prefer the old setup with d-2 Friday's and d-1 Saturdays.I really miss getting to see the unique stadiums and matchups these playoffs provide.Especially if you have a dog in the fight and follow your...
  10. James x2

    Football Updates - Saturday (10/27/18)

    Tigers 3 Dogs 0 5min left 1st qtr.
  11. James x2

    Northeast Ohio Cancellations?

    Due to the volume of heavy snow and power outages,many schools are off today Fri. March 2nd.What games are cancelled and when will they be rescheduled?
  12. James x2

    Here comes the Mercy Rule

    What does everyone think about this new rule to take effect during the tournament? And how many times will it actually come into play?:shrug:
  13. James x2

    Solon vs. Cornerstone Christian

    Where is this game being played? Is it worth attending? Or will Solon run by them.Saw that Cornerstone is 5-5.Anybody have any thoughts?
  14. James x2

    Interupting the broadcast..OHSAA

    What the hell was with the sideline interview of the OHSAA women during the game.You could see important stuff occurring behind her on the field and their just chatting away about the benefits of holding this in Canton.Later in the game Dr. Dan Ross was running on at the mouth about BULL$!#T and...
  15. James x2

    Colerain & Mentor: Whats the secret?

    Congrats to both schools on their victories and regional final appearances.Both are facing D-1 privates Friday.Colerain /X......Mentor/ Ignatius.Both have scheduled privates in the regular season....and won.Both have beaten members of the Power 5(Iggy,Ed's,X,Moeller,Elder) in the playoffs this...
  16. James x2

    How was Fridays attendance for the first round?

    Can't wait for the Sat. games.......................
  17. James x2

    Everybody getting excited for Friday only Playoffs?

    Between this and Spectrum only cable broadcasts this puts a dull thud to what was an exciting season so far.Like the circus clown that points a gun at you and the BANG FLAG pops out.Rim shot....I personally went to games both nights.How could this not cause hardships for Parents and family of...
  18. James x2

    How many times has the D-1 Championship

    featured a public beating a private for the big school title?
  19. James x2

    Euclid VS. Iggy

    How much does Ignatius win by? As much as they want? Why would the Panthers sign up for a loss? Why not play another public who offers stiff competition and good computer points than take it up the pipe with this game.If they have to meet in the playoffs let that be it.Why show your hand...
  20. James x2

    Changes at VASJ ?

    Anybody know about a number of assistant coaches leaving for various reasons? Or hear of who the replacement coaches will be? Surprising me here