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    LOL at outgoing Utah Governor...

    banning people from hosting social gatherings with individuals other than those living in their households for the next two weeks; significantly expanding the state's testing operations; and suspending all high school and club sporting events, and extracurricular activities, for the next two...
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    In this home....

    We believe: Love is love:) BLM is an anti-semetic, racist domestic terrorist organization Criminals are the real enemy. Water is wet.;) Science is a political weapon. And virtue signaling signs in people's yards, mean they are overcompensating for hatred of those that hold different points of view.
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    Christine Brennan at her worst.....
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    POS criminals see high bail by Lancaster judge....

    Look at these scumbags. Sure the parents are proud. Hope more and more arrests keep coming! Throw the book at these losers.
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    Washington Generals of the Debate forum... Your thoughts????

    Starting five: ProV1 Happy Harry Hubman Isadore 6th Man Eastside Purple
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    Now they want to cancel the Kentucky Derby...

    Protesters to Churchill Downs: If you care about racial justice, cancel the Kentucky Derby
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    Finally!! Public streets are not for political messages....
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    Good, Keep the political messages off of public property!!!
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    Another one, more riots coming ?

    Will the BLM, Systemic, say their name morons riot over this too?
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    Move over George Floyd.....

    You have competition for America's hero, Joey Chestnut "the greatest athlete of our time" Is a mural forthcoming?
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    Why don't Libertarians get invited to the debates????????
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    <.01%blm, say their names again........... I guess the ten witnesses don't want to "say their names", same old same old....... Franks was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival to the hospital, police said. There has been no arrest in connection with...
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    Damage to Cincinnati businesses during unrest estimated at more than $275,000, 3CDC says

    Guess the rioters and terrorists are off the hook for this too?
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    Says their names(if you have the time), systemic, privilege etc
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    Thanks CPD for getting so many criminals off the streets!!!
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    Rivals poster thoughts, do you agree?

    We don't think conservative views run counter to the best interests of black people. We actually believe we have better ideas than the left. It is stunning for some to hear this, I know. There are thousands of black people who agree with this also. Including major black intellectuals. We think...
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    The opportunity of victimhood
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    All conservatives are racist

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    DNC campaign slogan idea 2020....

    Vote democrat, our cities are thriving!!!