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    Survey from OATCCC concerning the creation of 4 divisions for Track and Field

    I'd be concerned with the logistics of postseason meets, especially the state meet. The state meet would either have to start much earlier and end much later each day if it stayed a two-day event, or go to three days. I also think you'd see the meet do away with having the at-large bids and...
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    Is it time for Cory Rawson to shut down it's football program?

    For informational purposes, Cory-Rawson has been consolidated since 1948. Mount Cory and Rawson had their own school districts and football teams from the 1920s-1940s before joining together.
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    Labor Day game

    Apologies if this was covered elsewhere. Hopewell-Loudon had to cancel its Week 1 game against Montpelier due to COVID-19 and looked to also have to cancel its Week 2 game against Sandusky Bay Conference River Division foe Gibsonburg, but the powers that be got together and moved the Week 2 game...
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    What is sportsmanship?

    I've got no problem with players or a team stealing signs. As mentioned above, a lot of that comes down to paying attention. If the other team can't hide them, that's on them. But don't use electronics or cameras or artificial means to do so. Cutting the bases is just flat out cheating. I've...
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    1912 Fostoria team back on top MaxPreps story lists teams that averaged at least 60 points per game in a season. Fostoria's 1912 national champion team tops the list at 74.5 points. The Redmen outscored their...
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    Ohio's version of "Hoosiers"

    1949-50 Miller City Wildcats. Went 29-0 and won the Class B state title, which included an 11-0 run through the tournament. Town had about 150 people. Home court was called "The Barn" and was heated by two pot-bellied stoves. Sports writer Dave Hanneman of The Courier in Findlay wrote a book in...
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    Idea on season

    I don't see wrestling moving to fall or spring. Wrestling is an indoor sport, same as basketball, swimming, bowling and hockey. That's why they're in the winter. I could see the possibility of a later start in winter, but having one sport run longer into another season that way would set a...
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    Fortress Obetz to Host OHSAA Cross Country Championships

    Breezed through the press release and my only question was the course map, especially with a somewhat flat area. Flat courses lead to faster times, but I like to see some changes in elevation. However, I won't condemn the change because of that. Fans want (in no particular order): * Easy access...
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    Best State Meet performances that you have witnessed - top 3

    Fostoria senior Cory Echelberry winning the boys 1999 Division II discus title. Meet was at Dayton's Welcome Stadium, with the discus held in the park next door (I think it's Welcome Park). Echelberry had set the Division II state record earlier that year with a toss of 202-4, so what happened...
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    As a sports writer, I'll just ask that when you complain about early deadlines that you throw the blame to the "suits" and not the sports department. The sports editor and writers don't set the deadlines, they just have to live by them.
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    No High School Football 2020

    OHSAA is putting out tentative schedules to resume spring sports.
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    Iowa BEGINS HS Baseball May 4!

    Starts a bit higher than mid-Ohio (home plate for the baseball diamond at my school in my small hometown in southeast Iowa is about where Delphos is in Ohio), but the point is well taken. Iowa stretches far more north than Ohio. It's not uncommon for there to not only be snow on the ground well...
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    Iowa BEGINS HS Baseball May 4!

    Lived in Iowa and graduated from a small high school (it would be Division IV here) in 1987, so it's been a while, but I'll tell my about my Iowa baseball experience. As stated earlier in the thread, practice started in May with the state tournament in July. Never even saw a spring game until I...
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    Some Levity in These Times...

    Those looking for an Ohio school "in the middle of nowhere" should look up Kansas Lakota Local Schools.
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    State Championship Updates (Licking Valley vs. Clyde)

    Clyde's four losses came to higher division foes who all made the playoffs, with three of those losses coming by one score — 25-23 to Division II Toledo St. Francis DeSales, 49-42 to Division III Columbian, and 41-40 in overtime to Division III Norwalk. Counting the playoffs, the Fliers went 8-0...
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    Division VI - Region 22 Championship: East Knox (12-0) vs. Carey (7-5)

    Carey beat Western Reserve 50-41 in Week 11, then beat Hillsdale 7-0 in Week 12. East Knox beat Crestview and Seneca East by identical 21-20 scores to open the playoffs, rallying from a 20-0 deficit midway through the third quarter last week. Carey went 2-3 against playoff-bound teams in the...
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    Two 10-0 Teams To Miss OHSAA HS Football Playoffs

    Six of Gibsonburg's games were conference games, so they have to play those. Conference foe Danbury went 0-9. One non-conference game was hastily scheduled with Antwerp (which went 0-10) after conference opponent Sandusky St. Mary cancelled its 11-man season. Would Gibsonburg have been better...
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    Ask The Ref?

    Just saw this on Twitter. Defense has only 10 men on the field when the is snapped. Runner makes a long run before being tackled by a player who enters the field well after the ball is snapped and after the runner approaches his area. Several posters, of course, praise the defender for the hit...
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    Colatruglio to Hopewell

    "It's when the kids that were taught and inspired by the previous coaches all graduate that he shows his lack of coaching ability. Both programs had long periods of success prior to him taking over. If you look at what happens at about the fifth year of him running a program they start their...