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    East Canton

    How are the Hornets gonna be this year in the newly revamped IVC North?
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    Eastern Buckeye Conference

    With the recent news of Canton South departing in 2 years what schools may be interested in joining? This 6 team league may be in trouble.
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    Eastern District DIV Sectional Final

    If seeds hold true: Strasburg vs Shenandoah, Rosecrans vs. Hiland, Malvern vs. Toronto, Shadyside vs. Frontier. I'm guessing tickets for Hiland/Rosecrans may be hard to find.
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    IVC Showcase Likely Matchups

    Who ya got?
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    Eastern District D2 records

    Post any records and i will update. Thx Steubenville 8-6 St. Clairsville 10-5 Meadowbrook 11-3 East Liverpool 11-3 Tri-Valley Cambridge 7-7 New Philadelphia 11-4 Carrollton 7-8 Beaver Local 10-6 Minerva Claymont 8-7 Indian Creek 0-14 Indian Valley 2-13 John Glenn Maysville Philo River View...