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    Frank Turk Alberta

    Any one know were Frank got the nick name Turk, well here goes , he was the trainer and equipment manager for the football program back in the early 60's also a freshmen basket ball coach. well after football practice got under way after two weeks coaches would get together make up a list of the...
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    HOF project

    Boy sure a lot of activity going on @ the Hall of fame, took the Christmas lights down an removed the tree @ the east end zone, in the process ' some dirt got moved ( by accident ) There is a investigation on how that happened with out a permit an without proper funding
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    playoff sites

    Were are games being played next weekend anyone know
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    Week 9 Computer Rankings

    I missed week 9 Computer Rankings an cant seem to find them, any help
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    Why the forum change

    Why was the forum changed to this format, liked it the other way I'm old an set in my ways, lets take a vote for or against it
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    McK locker room

    I see the Construction fence has been put up on the site for the new locker room Great day in the morning Holy cow Batman !!
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    HOF project

    Again more of the same with the HOF project. no east end zone completion , no work yet started on the locker room Oh sorry there are drawings on paper an will start in the spring, there are no signs of anything that even looks like that will even start, more of the same run around this fits in...
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    Malone dropping football

    It broke in the Canton Rep that Malone Collage is dropping football, nice 5 kids from last years Mck team signed with them, still have to pay there schooling but no ball
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    HOF project

    Just wondering what the H is up with the HOF project, with nothing being done to finish the east end zone , no work being done on the 5 star hotel, no work on the auditorium or parking deck, no new locker room for the high school football team, an they wonder why the didn't get the 2020 NFL...
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    Thomas out for Massillon

    Just posted on Friday night lights that J Thomas is out for the game Thursday due to the ankle injury he suffered Friday against WW , confirmed buy coach Moore of Massillon WOW does that put the pressure on
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    Region matchups

    In Div. II how are the winners paired in the regions does 5 play 6 or 8 or does 7 play 5 or 8 my guess 7 will play 8 just asking
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    Radio /TV Broadcast schedule for football

    Does any one know what radio station carries the Warren Harding games
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    HOF Parking lot

    Hey good news they have been paving the new parking lot the past two days should be done by Thursday, will hold close to 500 cars :Party: