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    IVC 20 - 21

    Will this be the year the Tigers get some shots up? Or will we see low possession games again?
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    IVC 20 - 21

    Heard some names, but don’t wanna report inaccuracies
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    IVC 20 - 21

    Are the Hawks of Hiland battling some injuries?
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    IVC 20 - 21

    Thx Wack7
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    IVC 20 - 21

    Hiland, West Salem, Northwestern and Barberton would make 4.
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    IVC 20 - 21

    Liverpool has some nice size this season yet inexperienced as well, but based on Buckeye 8 play would guess they are around 12-15 wins this season.
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    IVC 20 - 21

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    IVC 20 - 21

    Sounds more like a 4 team scrimmage?
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    East Canton

    How are the Hornets gonna be this year in the newly revamped IVC North?
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    High school basketball games in Kentucky will begin with a coin flip

    If you hold onto the ball for less than 3 seconds the virus also stops spreading!! No need for a shot clock as well as the 5 second rule. Who would’ve thought?
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    The official EBC Football Thread

    They are currently members of the Buckeye 8 Conference ( North Division). Not sure why they would want to leave?
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    Moving Back to Remote Learning

    Protesting is ok though!!
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    Eastern Buckeye Conference

    With the recent news of Canton South departing in 2 years what schools may be interested in joining? This 6 team league may be in trouble.
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    New Bremen's Historic Center Court Floor Section Missing

    Guessing that custodians surely know of its whereabouts
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    OHSAA ups daily quarter limit to 6

    So is the maximum number of quarters played for a season still 110? If so, this is not a real big deal
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    Malvern vs Hiland D IV East District final @ New Philadelphia

    Where do you go to buy tix online?
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    Eastern District DIV Sectional Final

    Hiland travels to Rosecrans- should be fun
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    Eastern District DIV Sectional Final

    Exciting game with Frontier defeating Monroe Central in OT!!
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    Eastern District DIV Sectional Final

    Will chalk win in Sectional openers?