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    EBC 2019 recap 2020 early outlook

    Congratulations to Alliance and Salem for making the playoffs, both clearly over matched but they did earn the right to play in week 11. Great season for Marlington, a couple of bad breaks and playing in brutal region really hurt them. The remaining teams had rough years. I know it's really...
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    EBC Week 9 games

    Alliance - Minerva: Whiting won’t let them look past Minerva. Minerva’s small roster is taking it’s toll and one of their best players on both sides of the ball left in 1st quarter of Salem game with apparent ankle sprain, hopefully he is healthy this week. That’s a lot to overcome for any team...
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    EBC Week 4 - League play starts for most.

    Not a real good start for the EBC with only Salem Unbeaten and no other team with winning records. WB, Carrollton and Minerva all winless. It a clean slate for all. who are the favorites? Miami Trace @ Marlington West Branch @ Alliance Canton South @ Minerva Salem @ Carrollton I will pick...
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    Minerva Lions take 2 - 2019 Coaching Staff

    I closed the previous Minerva thread due to being out of town and visiting family over the last week. Now that Coach Hundley is selected I wonder if anyone knows of any coaches he has picked yet? I heard the Alex Albert will be back on as the offensive coordinator. Anyone hear anything else?
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    Minerva Lions: State of the Program

    Minerva fans tend to "hi jack" the Eastern Conference Buckeye thread. The program needs to be discussed since they are at 39 losses in a row and will likely end the season with a 40 game losing streak. However, I think we need to take this to it's own thread and not overtake the EBC thread.
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    Minerva @ West Branch

    Is this a game Minerva can keep close and maybe have a chance at the end? Is the 1-3 record at WB a product of a tough schedule, a slow start or are they as good as their record? It sounds like WB had a very good offensive showing against Alliance. It sounds like in order to win, Minerva will...