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    In all seriousness what is the possibility of Moore leaving for a college coaching job?

    When he gets to close to Paul Browns all time win record he will be shown the door you can count on that, they showed one coach the door
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    Hoban 35 Massillon 6

    Great night for football, Massillon getting to play @ Home for the Div. II state title , Massillon getting BEAT @ home 35-6 Priceless !!!!
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    2019 - 2020 Canton McKinley Boys Basketball Schedule

    thanks McK seems to have a really good team , hope this does not get wasted
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    2019 - 2020 Canton McKinley Boys Basketball Schedule

    Don't know how true this is, but McK first game for next week has been cancelled heard it from a booster
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    2019 - 2020 Canton McKinley Boys Basketball Schedule

    I see McK scored 95 on Boardman
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    Will The Governor Put A Hold On Winter Sports?

    They don't care about what affect shutting down bars dine in eating let alone high school sports, its all about CONTROL of us, the effect this will have on our young people will be terrible. Oh don't have more then 6 people over for Thanks giving the turkey police will come knocking
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    Dewine today....what do you think?

    will cancel Thanksgiving, an all stores will make you register your turkey so they can check if you have more then three people in your house Geeeeesh
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    2019 - 2020 Canton McKinley Boys Basketball Schedule

    I count 9 players on that list the just posted team picture on the McK site shows 11 is Snow playing round ball at 6-3 he would be a nice forward
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    Mckinley shuts down after Loss?

    looks like the coach will be looking for a new job, its his job to run the study program , of which he was hired to do , like @ Akron U
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    Champion coach resigns

    Boy how would they handle Wakefield from Perry ( Massillon ) my grandson started three years, when he took back over he told me that there were guys throwing up in the weight room for god sake , but look what he has done for that program, by the way he hates Massillon
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    2020 Canton McKinley Football Season

    Wattles personality to me comes off as mild , no offence, but that shows' in the teams demeaner , take Moore @ Massillon his demeaner filters down through the team, got to admit that defense they have is lights out you can't be one dimensional on offence an put all your eggs in one basket
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    2020 Canton McKinley Football Season

    Wattley is the defensive coordinator so the buck stops at his desk, are they plaining to play any more games or are they done, with so many injured put the underclassmen in get some play time
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    5-2 North Canton @ 6-1 Massillon

    Hoover needs to stay on the bus
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    What will this basketball season look like?

    From what I hear they will be using a round ball and this is funny and hang two baskets at each end of the floor with 5 players on each side no really!!
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    Canton McKinley vs Brunswick

    Need M. Powell back hope he is back from his injury from last week need his 6-2 225 body to run They are a run first throw later very big up front there backs run down hill, watched some of the reply of the Jackson game ouch !!
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    2020 Canton McKinley Football Season

    McKinley needs M. Powell back for this game , don't know the existent of his injury last week, McKinley louse's this game if he's not, they are a run first throw later team an they are big up front, just watched some of the Jackson game there backs run down hill
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    2-2 Col. Walnut Ridge @ 5-1 Massillon Washington

    I think Walnut Ridge needs to stay on the bus
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    been hiding in the weeds
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    2020 Canton McKinley Football Season

    I'll second that