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    Regional Final Predictions (SW Ohio)

    St. X vs. Centerville - St. X wins in PKs Tipp vs. Summit - Just the Tipp again and again and again Botkins vs. Mariemont - MARIEMONT
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    Regional Match Ups - Predictions/Thoughts SW OHIO

    D1 Mason vs. Centerville - Centerville is the Dayton version of Mason but worse. As a community and a team. I go Mason. St. Xavier vs. Sycamore - Poor little public school beats the evil empire (evilest empire was eliminated in the second round). Sycamore wins. D2 Wyoming vs. Summit - I’ll...
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    D1, D2, D3 District Predictions - SW Ohio

    That sounds like a very unique strategy. So they all go into one bracket to ensure one team from the conference makes it out?
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    D1, D2, D3 District Predictions - SW Ohio

    D1 Carroll 1 Mason 3 - Carroll wins a lot of regular season games but not D1 playoff games. St. Xavier 4 Oak Hills 1 - How is Oak Hills still playing soccer? Loveland 1 Centerville 2 - No love for Loveland Sycamore 0 Beavercreek 2 - Beavercreek is dam good. D2 Benjamin Logan 0 Wyoming 5 -...
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    St. Ignatius soccer

    Just give them the trophy
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    The lack of results just highlights what everyone already knew and what they were trying to hide by getting transfers. Acquiring talent and just throwing out the ball isn’t coaching.
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    Oak Hills will beat Ross. Does Ross even have a soccer team 😂😂😂
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    Private institutions like to say they stand for values but when push comes to shove they have little. Moeller may not get punished for any violations because they are hard to prove but the damage to there reputation has already been done. They have won on the field but now winning has become...
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    If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. Not many private schools to choose from? Purcell McNick Elder Lasalle Moeller St. X Badin Summit Country Day CCD Seven Hills PROBABLY MORE!!! Don’t tell me kids don’t have choices. QUACK, QUACK,QUACK,QUACK
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    Moeller with a transfer from Mason!! Another one who just so HAPPENS to play for the same club God’s gift to soccer coaches at 💩
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    2020 Predictions & favorites

    Moeller with more transfers!!! Things that make you go hmmmmmmm. Hope coaches have back bones!!!! I guess Moeller will be pretty good for half the season!
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    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I corrected the statement. We don’t rebuild, we don’t reload, we RECRUIT.
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    And I’ll BET they mainly come from one club!!!
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA your blanket statement that all those coaches named do it for the “love of the game” is HILARIOUS! Yes, many of those coaches do it because they love coaching and to supplement their income. But then there are SOME that just do it as PR STUNT. Those that don’t have their...
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    More Drama at Fenwick

    The men’s coach left and went to NORWOOD!!! God help ANYONE who decides they want to coach at this place!!!!
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    Bellbrook looking for new head soccer coach....

    Wouldn’t touch THIS with a ten foot pole!!!
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    Seen it wreck basketball in our city and now it’s happening in soccer. Coaches talking to kids that are in one high school trying to get them to transfer. One school in particular. Started last year and happening again this year!!!!!! SNAKES!!!!!