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    Best Running Back(s) You've Seen in 2019

    Can't always tell from stats & highlights - my picks are: 1. Miyan Williams - Winton Woods - speed, vision, size , unbelievable strength - best WW RB ever? 2. Marquael Parks - Orrville - breaks ankles, has more gears than my Civic Si 3. Terrance Keyes, Jr. - Massillon - elusive speed Your picks?
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    D2 Region 8 at halfway point

    Regular season 1/2 over - my thoughts Locks: LaSalle, Winton Woods, Turpin Very Likely: Canal Winchester, Harrison On the bubble: Walnut Ridge, Anderson, Xenia, Teays Valley Thoughts???
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    2019 ECC predictions

    It's getting REAL close to fall practice - wondering how the ECC will shake out in 2019. Things I've noticed or overheard: (1) top 3 ECC QBs are ALL returning - Anderson, Milford, Turpin - that should be good! (2) KIngs returns some speed but QB is up for grabs, no breakaway threat like last...
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    ECC week 6

    Shaping up as Kings conference to lose, this week I see: Kings easy over Withrow could get ugly Milford - Anderson probably the game to watch (I’m leaning towards Anderson) WC over Loveland big (hearing more calls for coaching change at LL) Turpin over Walnut (surprised how close WC-Walnut game...
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    ECC after week 3

    Kings 2-1 looks the best to me Anderson and WC both down from last year but maybe next best Milford played one of the tougher non-conf schedules but looks rough, may also end up in top 3 Turpin hard to assess with weak non-conf games Walnut Hills is better than Aiken Both sets of Tigers looking...
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    ECC after week 1

    WC wins low scorer over Hamilton Kings over Lebanon Loveland loses by 17 to Sycamore Princeton runs over Milford Walnut Hills whacked by Lakota East Anderson looks less bad than Mt Healthy Withrow destroyed by CPS non-powerhouse Woodward Not a great 1st weekend for the ECC, unless Sycamore or...
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    ECC Week 7

    Since W@rrior1 is already stirring the pot on week 7, here we go West Clermont @ Anderson Kings @ Milford Turpin @ Withrow Walnut Hills @ Loveland Predictions? Could be an interesting week! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ECC Week 6

    Week 5 was wild, how bout week 6? Loveland @ Anderson Turpin @ Kings Milford @ Walnut Withrow @ West Clermont Predictions?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ECC Week 5

    Since it's already Tuesday, predictions? Anderson @ Withrow West Clermont @ Kings Milford @ Loveland Walnut Hills @ Turpin
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    Flag disrespect and protests at games

    Wondering if any of the reported protests happened on Friday...I was on the sidelines for a game at Welcome. In order to avoid witnessing anything that might have made me upset, I got close up to the flag at the north end of the stadium and SANG THE ANTHEM AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS. I felt pretty...
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    ECC after week 1

    Turpin wins big Tigers lose Glen Este loses big Anderson wins in OT Walnut wins big Withrow loses Kings wins big Milford loses nail biter Looks like Kings and Turpin picking up where they left off and the rest of the league is up for grabs- thoughts after week 1?
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    Walnut Hills Coach Fired

    Joe Danneman of Fox19 is reporting that George Kontsis has been relieved of duties. Reactions? Candidates?
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    D2 R6 After 4 weeks

    Here are the standings best I can tell for D2 r6 (please correct if needed). D2 R6 W L Glen Este 4 0 La Salle 4 0 Miamisburg 4 0 Stebbins 4 0 Turpin 4 0 Butler 3 1 Edgewood 3 1 Kings 3 1 Lima Senior 3 1 Sidney 3 1 Harrison 2 2 Princeton 2 2 Teays Valley 2 2 Tecumseh 2 3 Walnut Hills 2 2 Winton...
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    Welcome Stadium not so welcoming

    Loved the meet results but several run ins with the rent a cops. If you turned the wrong way or tried to get photos of your kid on podium, actually got yelled at and lectured. No clear markings for which side was athlete and spectator entrance. Last year wasn't as bad but I think this region...