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    Tough Times at Copley

    Copley's new football coach was introduced quickly to the current programs challenges when but 40 kids showed up. A D1 school with as little as 40 kids participating is not a positive trend for the future of the program. In contrast, the Copley soccer program this season turned out double that...
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    Excessive Heat and Football Practices

    Didn't know exactly where to post this, but figured football would be a good place to start. Just curious with all the local schools who have elected to cancel classes due to the excessive heat of late, how many of the same schools still plan on having their football practices go on as...
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    Local Kids Playing Summer College Baseball

    Any info on local college age kids who participated in a quality summer college baseball league? Name, college summer team/league, high school graduated, current college attending.
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    High School Teams Spring Trips

    Seems more teams heading South early in season to take advantage of warmer temps, aka spring training, after checking some early scores on Yappi. Curious if anyone can shed some light on how some of these programs finance these trips, etc, as one would think such an endeavor would be pretty...
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    Youngstown State Baseball

    Looks like YSU is off to a pretty rough start this year. Currently 1-13, ouch! I understand they have a new coach, who is in the midst of trying to change the culture in the program by adding many new faces, but after looking at their non league schedule and early results, are they really going...
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    Where Are They Now

    Now that college baseball squads are posting their 2018 rosters, it's interesting to see how many 2016 and 2017 grads, who not so long ago committed to a certain college, are no longer even listed on the current rosters. I have noticed that some have transferred to other schools, while others...
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    Coaching Vacancy

    Ray Fantozzi out as Copley baseball coach? Can anybody confirm or comment?
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    2016 College recruits early departure

    I have read numerous articles pertaining to the attrition rate of college athletes at all levels of college athletics recently. Seems that stats show that a minimum of 33% of college athletes fail to make it to their senior year of competitive play. Now, after seeing first hand how some 2016...
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    Recruited remorse?

    Every Fall, we begin to see the the number of underclass and senior baseball athletes, along w/ their respective travel organizations, tweeting away about their recent commitments to the university of their choice, to quote a phrase, being "blessed to continue their academic and athletic career...
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    Ohio State Baseball

    Looks like it has been a rough year for Buckeye baseball. Currently next to last in Big 10 standings, 17-27 overall. Other than last years success in the Big 10 tournament, would it be fair to say that coach Beals tenure at Ohio State has been less than stellar? Seems so many highly accomplished...
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    Buffalo drops 4 sports, including baseball

    After watching the Bulls compete against Kent State this weekend, really sad to see this news. First Akron U drops baseball, now Buffalo. MAC starting to get a bad rep among other conferences, especially the larger conferences MAC schools love to compete against. University dropped 4 varsity...
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    Looking for 45 yr and over men's ball players

    Looking for experienced "mature" baseball players, ages 45 and up, for Akron area mens baseball league. Games played on Sundays, wood bat only. If interested and want more info, contact Jack @
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    Committed College Recruits

    Does anyone have an updated list of committed high school players throughout Yappi land?
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    Athletes Use Of Social Media During Recruiting Process

    Recently been on some college recruiting visits with my son, and became aware of a giant pet peeve of many college coaches. The use of social media, specifically tweets, by prospective athletes and their travel organizations, to share with the world details of an upcoming visit, scheduled visits...
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    Scarbourogh out at Akron U

    Any chance baseball may be back too. We can only dream.
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    Travel Ball Roster Size

    Curious what most feel is an appropriate roster number for 17/18 U squads. Seems to be a large gap at times from one team to another. I understand that there always seems to be a group of pitcher only guys, who show up for their designated starts accordingly. But some of these teams bring 19-20...
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    Crazy Pitch Counts

    Heard Waynedale pitcher threw 175 pitches in 10 innings in district semi final win yesterday. Even by most old school high school coaches standards, so often discussed here, allowing any high school kid to throw 175 pitches is pretty crazy! Hope the kid can even lift his arm today.:wallbang:
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    Barberton District Semis

    I see that both semi final games at Barberton are scheduled on 5-18, @4:30. So, I can only assume two teams will be playing on Barberton's jv field? Who came up with that brilliant plan? I believe the jv field has no dugouts, the infield wasn't nearly as clean as the varsity field, with no press...
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    Scrimmage Schedules

    What high school scrimmages are scheduled this weekend?
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    PBR/Perfect Game Player Rankings

    Can anyone shed some light on the formula PBR and or Perfect Game uses to compile player rankings? To be sure, I understand that these rankings aren't the be all and end all all kids. That being said, I was recently scanning the PBR Ohio rankings list, and came across more than a few examples...