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  1. IndianaBanana

    Question for fans of "Dynasties" programs.

    Everyone loves winning. To some its a normality, to others it takes hard work to even experience it every so often. And then there are those who don't seem to know how to lose. Coming from and following high school football in the Western part of Ohio there always seems to be a constant...
  2. IndianaBanana

    Fairbanks v Fort Recovery

    Alright fellas, how are the Indians gonna blow it this time?
  3. IndianaBanana

    St. Henry @ Fort Recovery

    For the 4 of us Fort Recovery fans and that maybe one St. Henry guy here, what are we thinkin? Indians continue to disappoint, but seem to beat the teams they're suppose to beat. St. Henry is one of those teams, most assume would be a win on the schedule. But at this point who knows? It's a...
  4. IndianaBanana

    OHSAA allowing host schools to televise and stream live football games

    Thanks to sportsvoice for sharing this hot-off-the-press news in another thread. But decided to make a new one, because you'd have to be in that prior one to know the conversation was in that direction. I've been wanting this for a long time, and thrilled to see the OHSAA loosening their grip...
  5. IndianaBanana

    OHSAA Update To Members Figured I'd share this SUPER important information.
  6. IndianaBanana

    Where You From?

    Simple poll asking a simple question. I'd like to see where the density of the Yappi user base in from, in a regional sense. I know there are some users that don't live in the area anymore, so let's keep it simple. Vote for where you were raised, or if you moved around a lot, where you graduated.
  7. IndianaBanana

    Football Program FUN FACTS!

    Isn't offseason conversation "fun?" You know what else is fun? Fun Facts! Whats your football programs fun facts? It doesn't matter how mundane or crazy interesting it may be, it's fun to learn trivial facts. Examples: -Celebrities that played on the team -Programs that won state championships...
  8. IndianaBanana

    2019 NW MO Football Top Teams

    Who should we be on the look out for this fall in NW MO? Top teams? Teams on the rise? Coaches on the rise? Coaches on the hot seat? Breakout players? Let us get a great discussion going here!