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  1. MooseJaw

    Deer Park ?

    Whats going on over at Deer Park? Saw a couple weeks ago that Elliott was transferring to a prep school for his senior year and now Munson is also leaving. Combine that with Gentry and Wise no longer there that leaves a lot of holes to fill. One has to assume that Gentry Sr will, as usual, have...
  2. MooseJaw

    Lakota West QB transfer to Moeller

    LW starting QB Malik Verdon, with offers from Florida and Mississippi State, is transferring to Moeller...will he be ineligible, and if so, for how long?
  3. MooseJaw

    CHL Football 2017

    It's getting close enough now to start talking about the 2017 season. As I look ahead it seems like a good chance to be repeat of 2016. Although Wyoming and Indian Hill both lost a ton of talent to graduation, I think they both have enough left to once again be the teams to beat. I think Madeira...
  4. MooseJaw

    CHL Hoops 2015/16

    Wyoming - Team to Beat Indian Hill - will contend Mariemont - very improved Madeira - very talented but young & new coach Finneytown - Bazley so good but no help Reading - ehh Taylor - see Reading Deer Park - well...they are Deer Park
  5. MooseJaw

    I'd like to get some feedback from people that have used has it really helped in you/yours sons recruitment? Is the number of profile views a good measuring stick of the attention that they are getting from colleges? Curious to see what people think.