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    Possible way for Elder to raise a little money?

    I’m posting this here in the hope that someone in authority will see it and pass it along to the proper people for evaluation. I noticed that the spirit store lists a pair of license plate frames for $11.00. Effective next Wednesday, July 1, Ohio no longer will require passenger vehicles to...
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    Elder Bowling 2019-2020

    Fresh off their first place finish at last week’s sectional tournament at Colerain Bowl, the Panther bowling team is at Beaver-Vu Bowl in Beavercreek this morning for the district tournament. The keglers are undefeated this season and recently had all five starters – Jaxon Tuerck, Ryan...
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    '20 Sports Stag

    Here is the audio from the interviews Channel 9's Mike Dyer conducted Tuesday night at the Sports Stag with Jeff Brantley and several Panther head coaches...
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    Dan Hilvert

    Before last night’s basketball game it was announced that Dan Hilvert had died earlier in the week; it turns out that it had happened on Monday. He was 73. He had taught American History at Elder for almost 50 years. When I went to Elder there was no Advanced Placement history course, just his...
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    Elder Wrestling 2019-2020

    While we’ve all been following the fall sports, especially the football team, the Panther wrestling season has been sneaking up and is just around the corner. The first day of coaching is a bit over two weeks away (Nov. 15) and the season starts Thursday, December 5. Before you know it, it will...
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    Coverup busted due to tattoos

    You can’t make this stuff up. Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School in St. Louis, the top-ranked small school in the country according to Maxpreps, announced Friday that it had suspended its football program for the season and fired the entire football staff for knowingly using a suspended...
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    Question about former state tournament participants

    I know things have changed over the years, so out of curiosity I’m asking because I have no idea. I guess only an older coach or parent of a wrestler from many years ago will be able to answer this question: how far back do you have to go to find a wrestler (any division) who absolutely did not...
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    McCloud is an All-American!

    Congrats to Antonio McCloud of Mount St. Joseph University (or “College of Mount St. Joseph on the Ohio” as it will always be to those of us who married one of the fine alumna of that eminent institution when it was women-only and known by that name): this past weekend he finished eighth at the...
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    106 champs

    Here’s a bit of trivia that most knowledgeable fans probably already know or would suspect but that surprised me, as I am just a casual fan. With tournament time upon us, out of curiosity I looked at the 106 champs across all three divisions for the past ten years (103 for 2009-2011). I figured...
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    Elder wrestling 2018-2019

    I know we’re all still following the football team, but since wrestling practice starts this Friday, I figured I’d whet the appetite of Panther wrestling fans with a preview. Just know that this is based on last year and what I have been able to read, so some of the following may be way off...
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    Elder varsity track and field

    Props to the track team as they won the Winton Woods district meet, their first since 2014. The Panthers scored 131 points to runner-up LaSalle’s 125. Panthers scored points in the 100m and 200m (Charles Sanders, first x2); 400m (Bailey Dennis, second); 800m (Eric Langen, sixth, and Mark...
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    Week 10 - Elder (6-3) at LaSalle (7-2)

    An Elder win clinches a playoff berth and maybe moves Elder up to fifth. Adselder09 said in another thread that if the Panthers lose, they would need both West Clermont (6-3, visit 8-1 Milford) and Lakota East (6-3, host 7-2 Mason) to lose to get in. This year's Lancers aren't as good as last...
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    Coach McCoy inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

    Congrats to Coach McCoy, who was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame by the Ohio chapter yesterday in a ceremony in Dublin. :clap::clap:
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    Week 9 - ISB (1-3) at Elder (5-3)

    It will be Senior Night at The Pit, as the Panthers host the Pumas. There are 29 players on the Puma roster this year. The Panther starters probably will get more than a quarter off, and everybody will get to play. The second half may start with a running clock.
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    Week 8 - Elder (4-3) at Winton Woods (7-0)

    Joe Eitel has the Panthers ninth in R4 as they head up to Forest Park to take on Winton Woods, who count back-to-back road victories over LaSalle (18-15) and our old foe Indy Bishop Chatard (28-27) among their wins. The Warriors have won the last two games against the Panthers: a 14-0 shutout in...
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    Week 7 - Moeller (3-3) at Elder (3-3)

    We all know the Crusaders lost their starting quarterback, Miles McBride, to a left lower leg injury in their 30-7 loss to X in week 5. A LaSalle poster said in the Elder-X thread “I was at the Moeller-La Salle game tonight. Mitch McKenzie lMHO looks better than McBride. McKenzie was 15 of 24...
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    Week 6 – Elder (3-2) at St. Xavier (5-0)

    Elder actually has won the last two games against X played out on North Bend road. But we all know the Panthers will have to play their best game of the season and catch a few breaks if they are to upset the Bombers and extend the streak to three, and even if those things happen they may not be...
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    Week 5 - Cleveland St. Ignatius (4-0) at Elder (3-1)

    The Panthers host the Wildcats Saturday at The Pit. Iggy has beaten Hoban (17-3), Mentor (41-31), Euclid (34-14), and Detroit Catholic Central (38-7). We’ll see how the Panthers respond after the loss at LSE. For what it’s worth, some polls have Iggy ranked above LSE. Kickoff will be at 2:00.
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    Week 4 - Elder (3-0) at Lakewood St. Edward (3-0)

    Something’s gotta give as the Panthers again hit the road on Saturday to take on the LSE Eagles. The Eagles have beaten McDowell (PA) 40-10, Glenville 41-6, and Howard D. Woodson (DC), 45-20. Kickoff will be at 7:00 p.m. at Bedford High School stadium. Here is a brief preseason article on the...
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    Week 3 - Elder at Gahanna Lincoln

    This is what I’ve been able to find out about the Lions from the local Gahanna community fishwrap and some digging on my own. The Lions were not ranked locally preseason. They are 2-0, having won on the road against Westerville Central (24-3) and Westerville South (34-0). The Lion offense is led...