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  1. chwestbroo

    GCL Co-Ed 2020-21

    Basketball season right around the corner. Talent looks to be rather balanced this year. Thoughts and predictions?
  2. chwestbroo

    Alter vs Trotwood

    A long-awaited matchup in Region 12. Mind says Alter, gut says Trotwood. Thoughts?
  3. chwestbroo

    CJ vs Alter

    Dayton’s Holy War: COVID Edition. Looks like Alter will run over CJ this year, but who knows? Thoughts?
  4. chwestbroo

    Greenon QB Cade Rice to transfer to Northmont

  5. chwestbroo

    GCL Co-ed 2020

    New year, new season. Thoughts?
  6. chwestbroo

    Disappointing/Surprising Teams.

    Picks for teams that surprised us and/or teams that were disappointing. Springboro's success caught my attention. CJ losing in back-to-back weeks at home to Alter was disappointing, to say the least.
  7. chwestbroo

    Alter Stadium

    Something that crossed my mind, will Alter get their own stadium for football in the near future?
  8. chwestbroo

    Alter vs CJ (playoff edition)

    Rematch of Week 10. Thoughts?
  9. chwestbroo

    Alter vs CJ

  10. chwestbroo

    CJ vs Badin

    This game can very well determine the GCL Co-Ed champion. Thoughts?
  11. chwestbroo

    GPA Eligibility

    Something that crossed my mind. Should schools be allowed to lower the GPA required for sports eligibility? I don’t like it ‘cause students could just BS in the classroom but still play but it’s just my opinion.
  12. chwestbroo

    Szabo Takes Over

    CJ announced that Charlie Szabo will take over as the men's basketball coach, replacing Joe Staley.
  13. chwestbroo

    Best Games

    A lot of mentions of actual games on the Dream Matchups thread so this will be the thread for that conversation. That being said, what were the greatest games that you ever saw?
  14. chwestbroo

    Dream matchups

    The season is over, yet the what-ifs never end. What are some matchups that didn't occur that you'll like to see? Rematches accepted as well. EDIT: Please keep this thread to what-if matchups, thread on actual games will be posted shortly.
  15. chwestbroo

    Staley Retiring

    CJ coach Joe Staley will step down at season end. Thoughts?
  16. chwestbroo

    GCL Coed 2019-20

    How the league looking for this season? North and Central should be competitive this season.