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  1. chwestbroo

    Hoban 35 Massillon 6

    Congrats Hoban.
  2. chwestbroo

    GCL Co-Ed 2020-21

    Tru Hoopz has a list of players to watch in the GCL Co-Ed. The website is new so I expect some skepticism. The list goes as follows: Ryan Chew- 5’9 Guard- Junior- Alter AJ Braun- 6’9 Center- Senior- Fenwick...
  3. chwestbroo

    Will Poll Takers Learn From This Or Are They Just Paid Liars?

    Something's gotta change, perhaps a complete overhaul of polling. (I'm only 17, just wondering)
  4. chwestbroo

    Alter vs Trotwood

    Alter-42 Trotwood-0 Final Trotwood got embarrassed. Alter looks like the real deal.
  5. chwestbroo

    Alter vs Trotwood

    McDonald got 6 TDs now. Alter-42 Trotwood-0
  6. chwestbroo

    Alter vs Trotwood

    McDonald gets his 5th TD Alter-35 Trotwood-0
  7. chwestbroo

    Alter vs Trotwood

    McDonald breaks another one. Alter-28 Trotwood-0
  8. chwestbroo

    Alter vs Trotwood

    Alter-21 Trotwood-0 McDonald eating good tonight. 3 TDs including a 70+ yard TD🍔🍔
  9. chwestbroo

    GCL Co-Ed 2020-21

    Basketball season right around the corner. Talent looks to be rather balanced this year. Thoughts and predictions?
  10. chwestbroo

    GCL Co-ed 2020

    Kenyon Owens from CJ won the OPOY along with McDonald.
  11. chwestbroo

    Alter vs Trotwood

    A long-awaited matchup in Region 12. Mind says Alter, gut says Trotwood. Thoughts?
  12. chwestbroo

    GCL Co-ed 2020

    CJ is nothing like last year. They struggled all year to replace all those seniors last year and it showed yesterday.
  13. chwestbroo

    DIII Region 12

    So... Is Bellbrook that good or is CJ that bad? :(
  14. chwestbroo

    Memes, funny picture thread (for politics)

    Like Amy Coney Barrett, I do not hate little warm puppies:)
  15. chwestbroo

    Fairbanks v Fort Recovery

    Why so negative?
  16. chwestbroo

    keep all the parents happy

    I wonder if some parents think HS coaches are professional coaches. Two different levels.
  17. chwestbroo

    GCL Co-ed 2020

    Alter-49 CJ-21 Final
  18. chwestbroo

    GCL Co-ed 2020

    Alter-28 CJ-14 Halftime
  19. chwestbroo

    Cj vs Alter

    42-7 Alter.
  20. chwestbroo

    CJ vs Alter

    Dayton’s Holy War: COVID Edition. Looks like Alter will run over CJ this year, but who knows? Thoughts?