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  1. TheDude89

    NHC 2019-20

    Will be interesting to see how competitive the new Red Division teams are (AW, Perrysburg, revived BG). SJ defending a league title, NV trying to make a repeat trip to Columbus, St. Francis looking to bounce back to the top of the league, Findlay looking to... continue being Findlay. Any...
  2. TheDude89

    Last man standing contest? Sykotyk?

    Are you doing another last man standing contest this year Sykotyk? I enjoyed playing along last year.
  3. TheDude89

    News-Herald Article - Low Roster Numbers Thought this was an interesting read. I didn't realize that there were so many undermanned teams out there. Hopefully they can bounce back but is it possible we could see...
  4. TheDude89

    2016-17 Hockey Season

    Who are the contenders around the state this year? St. Francis looks like the favorite to come out of the Northwest again.