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    Impact of Competitive Balance

    The 1st season of competitive balance is now over and I am curious about your thoughts on how it impacted the tournament. I did a little research on the breakdown between public (did not separate out open v closed enrollment) and private and here is what I found: D1: '18 3 Public/1 Private -...
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    OHSAA Violations The latest OHSAA violations announced recently. Recruiting violations & exceeding allowable coaching days were the most common violations. I follow SW Ohio schools so seeing Roger Bacon, Anderson...
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    SW District D3

    Looking at the enrollment numbers, here is the best list of SW D3 I can come up with. I think the cutoff at the upper end will be 212 and the low end 121, but won't know the exact number until the OHSAA releases the divisional breakdown. I included the school immediately above and below the cut...
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    Woodward & Taft ADs replaced, Shroder open

    The ADs at Woodward & Taft have been replaced. I know Woodward already has a new hire in place at the AD position. Definitely going to complicate the hiring of new basketball coaches. I think Shroder's AD position will be open shortly as well. Shroder's basketball position is also open as of...
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    Taft's Mark Mitchell to tOSU

    Going to be an assistant with the women's program