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  1. Braddock

    How is this not bigger news??? UFO vehicle’s???

    Seriously, how is this not bigger news??
  2. Braddock

    Met this old dude

    So anyway, I am just chilling next to my trike when this noisy dude walks up. Asking questions about my bike and why I ride that instead of a real motorcycle. I had to explain my garage fire that burnt off my leg and other things.
  3. Braddock

    Does liberals celebrate 4th of July like Conservatives?

    Do they? Do you liberals do the whole fireworks in the backyard or grill out....or do you burn books and copies of the Declaration of Independence?
  4. Braddock

    Fines for not wearing a mask? Wtf

    Fines for not wearing mask. I find this absolutely bizarre that police would enforce this, since they aren’t arresting rioters.
  5. Braddock

    even they hate liberals

    Distraught Chicago officials heard on tape fuming over looting, riots: 'My ward is a s--t show' Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at
  6. Braddock

    I am disappointed Covid isn’t more deadly.

    List all the benefits if covid was more deadly. 1: Less liberals
  7. Braddock

    Who is wearing masks?

    Do you wear a mask when you go out?
  8. Braddock

    What’s next to try and hang trump?

    So the Russia thing is a bust, so what’s next? What will the Democrats get their thongs in a bunch about now?