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    The Greatest Games that Never Were

    If you could pick any game that should have been played, or that you dreamed of seeing...What would it be and Why?
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    Your schools greatest team...

    Not necessarily the one that went the farthest...
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    Best wrestler from your school

    Not necessarily the one with most state placings, but the best at his peak...
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    Your schools greatest dual meet team...

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    Wrestling against the best

    Wrestlers who never had the chance often ask..."What was it like to wrestle a great one?" The best answer I ever heard was "Nothing I tried that usually worked, worked." And, "I was 2-steps behind and 10 dollars short the entire match..." The best answer for me was it felt like I was wrestling...
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    Top teams, individuals, discussion...Who are they?

    Anyone with an some facts, opinions on this season?
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    Whose the 2nd fastest ohio sprinter ever?

    Saine? Allman? Pryor? Thoughts???
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    The 3 toughest wrestlers you ever faced

    ...and why they were.
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    David Taylor wins World Gold

    He looked brilliant out there. Him & Dake are finally dominating at the world level like we knew they could.
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    70's/80's Wrestlers v. Today's Best

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    Elks cancelling football???
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    Your School's greatest wrestler?

    Who was the best wrestler your school ever produced and why?
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    Congratulations to Kyle Rose

    Way to go out Kyle. Beating the national champ in the state finals! How sweet it must be...