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    La Salle 2019-2020

    For those interested in tonight's game, we just released a new podcast episode with Coach Goedde: LINK
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    Top 10 in Cincinnati

    Springfield is solid, above average. Centerville is very good, loaded with talent but young. They'll be a bigger threat in March as young guys gain experience. Biggest contender out of Dayton right now is Wayne. They won at Centerville earlier this month. I was at that game and was very...
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    CHL 2019-2020

    I was at the preview game. I left with about 2 mins to go and West High was up somewhere around 12-15 points. DP was playing without Mark Wise who was on the sideline in a boot. They started Steve Gentry Jr, Deshaun McEntire, Anni Elliott (Springfield transfer), Tre Munson (Roger Bacon...
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    Cincinnati Preview Article (Triple Double Prospects)

    Helpful, thanks. Will make sure to check out Elder, particularly Harp, early in the season.
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    Cincinnati Preview Article (Triple Double Prospects)

    JElder - What am I missing with Elder? Saw them last year in District Final and they were solid, but most of their top guys were seniors. Cluxton is only returning impact player (although you might be able to correct me there). I do know they had a really good freshman group last year, are some...
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    Cincinnati Preview Article (Triple Double Prospects)

    Just posted annual Cincinnati preview article..... LINK D1 Pre-Season Power Rankings D1 Pre-Season All-City Teams D2-D4 Pre-Season Power Rankings D2-D4 Pre-Season All-City Teams Looking forward to hearing the feedback.
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    Cincinnati All-City Teams D1 and D2-D4 All-Cincinnati Teams courtesy of Triple Double Prospects.
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    Cincinnati HS Preview

    Cincinnati HS Preview from Triple Double Prospects.... LINK D1 Teams to Watch D2-D4 Teams to Watch D1 Pre-Season All-City Team D2-D4 Pre-Season All-City Team Excited to hear feedback from everyone.
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    All-Cincinnati Teams

    From Triple Double Prospects, here are my '17-'18 All-Cincinnati Teams....
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    Cincinnati Preview from Triple Double Prospects

    Greater Cincinnati Preview from Triple Double Prospects is now live. Division I Team Previews Divisions II-IV Team Previews Division I All-City Team Divisions II-IV All-City Team Link:
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    New Ohio Prospect Rankings from Triple Double Prospects

    Check out our updated junior, sophomore and freshmen prospect rankings at Triple Double Prospects:
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    Cincinnati Power Rankings & All-City Teams

    Now available from my website, Triple Double Prospects, check out my Cincinnati HS Preview featuring D1 power rankings, D2-4 power rankings, D1 all-city team and D2-4 all-city team. Link: Will try and add Dayton preview within the next week.
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    Ohio Player Rankings

    New Ohio player rankings now available at: Classes of 2017, 2018 and 2019
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    Top performers from Thurgood vs Dunbar

    Story from Triple Double Prospects -
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    Preview part 3/3 - Cincinnati Preseason Power Rankings Poll

    Here our my initial power rankings, which get updated every week (Sunday evenings) - Combined with our preseason all-city teams and conference/team previews I think we should have everyone covered for the start of HS hoops season.
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    Conference and Team Previews - Cincinnati

    Here are my previews of the GCL South, GMC, City League and some other top area teams - This comes after releasing pre-season all-city teams yesterday. Final piece of the puzzle will be the citywide power rankings poll, which will come out tomorrow evening.
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    Cincinnati pre-season all-city team

    Here is my take on a '12-'13 Pre-season All-City Team for Cincinnati players:
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    Top Freshman in Cincinnati Area

    Top freshman in Cincinnati watch list -
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    Return of CPHR + Open Gym Highlights
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    Jalen Hudson - More SVSM News

    Here's a piece I just completed on '14 guard Jalen Hudson who, as reported by some SVSM fans here last month, has moved to Akron from Virginia.