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    GCL Co-Ed 2020-21

    I think Alter will be the team to beat in the league - Connor will be the best player in the league to go with Shane, Geisel, Ruffalo plus the transfer from Bellbrook. Carroll returns pretty much everyone except Dahm. CJ will need Solomon to stay healthy. Fenwick has Braun back but will need...
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    Cincinnati transfers(to and from)

    Family relocated to Hilton Head, SC.
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    Cincinnati transfers(to and from)

    Last I heard yes. That was a couple weeks ago though so who knows???
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    How safe did the season end up being?

    Already happened - Manchester is forfeiting their 1st round game v. Lockland due to positive tests/quarantine. Lockland will advance.
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    Deer Park ?

    DP also lost their main assistant coach - Reggie Revels - and he was the main talent procurer over there. I haven't heard of any incoming kids but I anticipate they will have several, especially is CPS stays virtual and pauses winter athletics like they did fall sports.
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    New Prep School in Northern Kentucky

    I would imagine they will field a team of many former Huntington Prep kids since one of the coaches from HP is attached to the project. HP closed down for this year - maybe forever - after losing their affiliation with St. Joseph in Huntington.
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    Toledo Public Schools cancels fall season.
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    Dayton Area Basketball

    Maybe I should have clarified - In the new GWOC (Beavercreek, Centerville, Fairmont, Miamisburg, Northmont, Springboro, Wayne), Springfield should be top 3 every year and win their share of league championships. That would set them up nicely for a deep tournament run. That type of stability is a...
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    Dayton Area Basketball

    Good move for McCullough - Springfield should be top 3 in that league almost every year.
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    Cincinnati players "in and out"

    Turpin lost Holt to a prep school McNick lost Kocisko to a prep school New Richmond lost the Ipsaro brothers to CovCath CNE can't confirm but Schmidt may be on the move.
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    Dayton Area Basketball

    I'm hearing it's McCullough. They have a board meeting today so expect an official announcement soon.
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    Dayton Area Basketball

    FWIW He posted something on his social media about transferring to West Carrollton - photoshopped picture of him in a West Carrollton uniform.
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    GMC Basketball 2019-2020

    The OHSAA calls it 'rebuttable recruiting' - meaning it is assumed you were recruited and you have to prove to them that you weren't recruited. The fact that any of the kids transferring to Princeton - whether by moving or open enrolling - weren't transferring prior to the new coach being hired...
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    GMC Basketball 2019-2020

    Transfer rules make it very difficult to follow your coach from one school to the next without sitting a full season - wording in the OHSAA by-law means you have to be able to prove to the OHSAA you weren't recruited. I'm usually pretty good about remembering the transfer by-laws so I think the...
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    ECC (Eastern Cincinnati Conference) 2019-2020

    Pretty sure West Clermont hired Tom Jutze to be their head coach.
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    GMC Basketball 2019-2020

    The transfer back to home school district only applies when you transfer BACK to your home school district. Looking at stats, he sat the 2nd half of the 2018-2019 season per transfer rules. The transfer back is a separate situation and covered by the exemption - doesn't matter if you transfer...
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    GMC Basketball 2019-2020

    I think Hamilton is his home district so he will be eligible the entire season under the 1-time transfer back to home school district exemption. I'm pretty sure he played at Hamilton as a Freshman??
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    GCL Coed 2019-20

    Still quite a few GCL-Coed teams playing GCL-South teams: Badin just played and beat Elder, McNick plays LaSalle later this season, Purcell played LaSalle already and plays St. X and Elder later this season, CJ still has LaSalle later in the season, Roger Bacon already played St. X and has...
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    GMC Basketball 2019-2020

    I think it comes down to East and Princeton for the title this season. Mason, Oak Hills and Hamilton will be in the next tier. After that???
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    CHL 2019-2020

    Deer Park was scheduled to play in the Cincinnati Preview at Woodward on Saturday night. Does anyone know if they played (I think they were scheduled to play Western Hills)? And if they did play, how did they do and did Wise play?