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  1. Beezer70


    This season was a rollercoaster ride called Covid from start to shutdown. The last 3 weeks really saw a young group start to come together and play better ball. Kids that wouldnt have got much playing time got alot of experience and also some very young kids stepped. I saw their is some future...
  2. Beezer70

    Wapakoneta football

    Stuck at home might as well get some football talk going. What are your thoughts on the season if they play. Not sure what they have coming back or coming up. The running game lost a lot but the passing game could be better
  3. Beezer70

    Wapakoneta 5-1 week 7 discussion

    Wapak offense looked good and actually passed and Merricle looked good passing. Defense had some issues bottling up some of Elida's athletes. Anyone hear how Ambos is doing with his shoulder didnt look good
  4. Beezer70

    Wapakoneta Football week 5

    What are your views on the rest of the season for the Skins. Pros and cons so far.
  5. Beezer70

    Wapakoneta vs Shawnee

    Last battle of the unbeatens in the WBL this week. After watching Wapak play the last 3 weeks the defense is ahead of the offense. No passing game at all not trying to start nothing but the playoffs showed when behind you need some sort of a passing game. Merricle is taking a beating right now...
  6. Beezer70

    Wapakoneta vs Van Wert

    This should be a really good game can Van Wert handle our power running game and will Wapak's young secondary be tested tonight.
  7. Beezer70

    Wapakoneta Football 2019

    Never to late to talk some football for next year. Wapak has some talent back next year but alot is going to depend on Kaeck's health for next year. Losing Erb is going to hurt because the backup didnt much playing time. Moyer has done a great job since he came here but would like to see our...