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    This season was a rollercoaster ride called Covid from start to shutdown. The last 3 weeks really saw a young group start to come together and play better ball. Kids that wouldnt have got much playing time got alot of experience and also some very young kids stepped. I saw their is some future...
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    Western Buckeye League 2020

    Hate to see our program shut down but it is for the best our athletes health and safety come first.
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    Western Buckeye League 2020

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    Western Buckeye League 2020

    Before was quarantine for safety this time actual positive tests
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    Western Buckeye League 2020

    Need to keep the Badin is soft talk off of here. I ran my mouth on twitter one year about trotwood and wapak game few hours later I was being followed by half the trotwood football team and school learned my lesson.
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    Western Buckeye League 2020

    What is a cow bell mafia
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    D3 Playoff Predicitions

    Hate to say it but the wapak team now is far from the one that started the season 0 and 4. Our leader at QB is back and offense is on track.
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    Western Buckeye League 2020

    First time in the WBL Moyer had a running clock. One thing I didn’t understand was we had multiple kids out on both sides of the ball first 2 weeks and he pulls the starters seemed like early in second half. I would have thought they needed time together. Offense is so vanilla without that...
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    WBL Prediction Contest Week 3

    Im calling it Wapak beats Van Wert the team should have most of its players back from quarantine.
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    Western Buckeye League 2020

    11 starters are out for Wapak
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    Western Buckeye League 2020

    Golet only out a few weeks for a tear sounds awful fast I would shut down a few weeks get healthy and have a few weeks to get ready for playoffs
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    Western Buckeye League 2020

    I thought only a few players were out from Wapak and more are out after the game as the quarantine went from 20 students to 80
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    WBL Prediction Contest Week 2

    I heard even more kids at wapak are out I’m not sure if this game even gets played
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    Football Scrimmages August 21 and 22

    Last I saw wapak 21 minster 7
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    WBL 2020 Football Schedule Released, No Champion To Be Crowned

    St Marys doesn’t play Kenton
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    Top coaches the last 20 years

    Jason Rostofer from Wapakoneta has to be on this list. Since he took over the program 3 state individual titles and the WBL title seems like every year
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    Wapakoneta football

    if Wapakoneta has a winning record Moyer should be coach of the year
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    Wapakoneta football

    Stuck at home might as well get some football talk going. What are your thoughts on the season if they play. Not sure what they have coming back or coming up. The running game lost a lot but the passing game could be better
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    Preaseason Ohio HS divisional w/c rankings for 2019-20

    Is Evan Kaeck wrestling this year
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    Griffin Will Not Return As Lima Sr. Football Coach

    I was impressed with Fell made Lima into a very good team quick. Where did he go to coach after he left Lima.