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    OAC updates?

    Anyone know where to find OAC bracket updates? can't find it on track wrestling? thanks
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    OSU lineup changes

    Nice write up on Ohio States projected line for next year. Seems Coach Ryan is setting up 2014 for a run at the title...
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    great documentary - Takedowns and Falls

    watched Takedowns and Falls the other night - great movie especially this time of year for any wrestling family... behind the scenes documentary on Central Daulphin out of PA going after a state title. Good story of the sacrifice and pressure this time of year. entire family will love it...
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    cliff keen results

    Anyone know where to find up to date cliff keen brackets? I watched a few of semi's on flow but missed the heavier wts. Logan is tearing it up. I believe he's pinned every opponent in 1st period... his semi lasted less then a minute. Scary to think how dominant he's becoming.
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    home wrestling mats

    Looking for a wrestling mat for 30x15 room. I called Resilite and they will make one and ship for $3k or they have in stock 3 10x10 mats for $1600. Seems very expensive. Any advice for best place to buy mats? or better yet anyone looking to sell? thanks
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    Luke Fickell

    most of you have probably seen this video... pretty cool OSU's new football coach was one of Ohio's great wrestlers... I think he's the right man for the job. Certainly wouldn't want to get in his doghouse if I'm one of his players...