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  1. rip_JackTatum

    Alter vs Trotwood

    “So typical” of what ? Winning back to back football titles in this state is NOT easy to do.
  2. rip_JackTatum

    Meaningless games

    So we've gone from hoping ANY games would be played at all to calling some games meaningless ? I'm personally just glad Sr players got to play and cheerleaders got to cheer.
  3. rip_JackTatum

    Dwight "The Blur" Anderson dies

    The “Blurs” numbers were pre-3point era. Saw him put up 45 points against a highly ranked Cincy Taft team with a who’s who of major college coaches in attendance. Watch closely. He actually keeps his eye on the basket on this amazing shot !
  4. rip_JackTatum

    2020 Massillon Washington Tigers Football

    We’ll see about that.
  5. rip_JackTatum

    Who played both ways?

    Same here. My school was a lower enrollment AAA Ohio team. It was tough against the 3 GCL teams we played including Faust Mowller teams. Had to play defensive Monster, RB and Kick Returner with a couple of short rest.
  6. rip_JackTatum

    Week 1: St. Xavier at Brownsburg IN on ESPN2 Saturday 6pm

    Couldn't help myself. Back to fun again.
  7. rip_JackTatum

    Remote school and football

    “News media” is a convenient scapegoat. They aren’t decision makers.
  8. rip_JackTatum

    Another bites the dust, Anderson HS Redskins no more.

    I prefer facts over illogical ranting. Nathan Peterman 3 total TD 12 interceptions. 33 Passer rating yet still on a roster. Kaepernick 72 passing TDS 13 Rushing TDS 30 interceptions 88.9 passer rating. Of course you’re free to “believe” whatever you want.
  9. rip_JackTatum

    Another bites the dust, Anderson HS Redskins no more.

    Please elaborate. This should be interesting seeing as how you’ve never met/spoken to the man or walked in his shoes. What were his “ real” reasons ? With the likes of Nathan Peterman, Matt Barkley, Colt McCoy among others still in the league it’s not about a roster spot.
  10. rip_JackTatum

    Another bites the dust, Anderson HS Redskins no more.

    There is no history of teams being named "The Rednecks". Do you know why ?
  11. rip_JackTatum

    Commonly mislocated schools

    You act as if Huber Heights has some type of National identity. Ask people from out of state where Huber Heights Oh is and without searching, they don’t have a clue.
  12. rip_JackTatum

    Commonly mislocated schools

    Its not that deep. The city/town names attached to the schools are to give a geographical reference as to area/location. Examples would be Cin St X. There are a few St Xs out there like in Ky for example. Princeton is another example. Someone not familar with SW Ohio football may not know where...
  13. rip_JackTatum

    DIII: Rearrange the 2019 football poll for the 2020 season

    The Div III finalist were ranked 8th and 14th in this “final” poll. What does that tell you about polls ?
  14. rip_JackTatum

    Cincinnati D-1 Sectional

    I prefer a badly played WIN over a well played LOSS. That’s just me I guess.
  15. rip_JackTatum

    Trotwood scored 153?

    How is your school’s basketball team doing this tournament season ?
  16. rip_JackTatum

    Cincinnati D-1 Sectional

    The worst games they played all season would be the games they lost.
  17. rip_JackTatum

    Cincinnati D-1 Sectional

    What am I missing here ? Div II Trotwood may not have won the " tempo battle" but they did actually win the game vs Centerville.
  18. rip_JackTatum

    La Salle 2019-2020

    A run down of this game and the WHHS roster would be greatly appreciated.
  19. rip_JackTatum

    Best DIII Champion of the Past Decade?

    I have to go with 2017 Trotwood Madison who beat the Div I Champion that season. Can any other D III team make that claim ?