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    high school baseball history question

    Does anyone out there know if baseball was ever a fall sport in Ohio? I have a friend doing some digitizing of old records for some local schools and some of the info seems to point towards some season in the 40s and 50s being played in the fall. Anyone have any idea?
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    D3 who makes the final?

    D3 Range v Bluffton Wellington School v Botkins
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    D2 who makes the final?

    D2 Howland v Lexington Tipp v Columbus Academy who makes the final?
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    D1 who makes the final?

    D1 Medina v Iggy Liberty v Lakota who advances to the final?
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    Any upsets you see coming?

    Enough talk of 25-0. What district semis is everyone heading to? What district finals are you hoping to see this weekend?