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    Danish Autism/MMR Vaccine Study Study aimed and addressing three areas. 1) MMR vaccine leading to increased risk for developing autism 2) MMR vaccine potentially triggering autism in susceptible individuals 3)...
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    Government Effect on Healthcare

    Good read for the would be socialists and people clamoring for a gigantic, single-payer system.
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    St. X Lacrosse State Championship

    Congrats to the Bombers on their second lacrosse state championship over St. Ignatius. I realize many here probably aren't lacrosse fans, but the program has dramatically improved over the past 10 seasons and is now not only a state, but regional power house turning out a fair amount of college...
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    Jim Acosta continuing to ruin his career There was a time when being named a networks White House correspondent was something to strive toward. Jim Acosta continues to look whiny and inept while doing the bidding of Jeff Zucker. He just looks more and more ridiculous with each press...
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    Senate Reverses Protection of Planned Parenthood Funding

    Senate voted to reverse an Obama admin rule on protecting Planned Parenthood's share of Federal money for family planning organizations. Predictable Democrat response is that Republicans want women to die in the streets in as big of droves as possible.
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    Trump's Cabinet

    Doesn't have to be every position, but who would you like to see get serious consideration? AG: Trey Gowdy Secretary of State: John Bolton Secretary of Defense: Mike Flynn Secretary of Treasury: I've heard Fiorina's name thrown around, I think that would be a very interesting choice Homeland...
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    Ohio State Football 2016

    Lots of new faces, but no shortage of talent. Fairly challenging schedule with Okalahoma, Wisconsin, Penn St, and MSU all away. 12-0 definitely gets a playoff spot and likely #1 seed. 11-1 is a maybe depending on how the rest of the season shakes out. Less than a week away til the start of the...
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    California Disallows Relgious and Philosophical Vaccine Exemptions

    This actually happened a little over a month ago, but I just got around to reading the New England Journal of Medicine article about it. California has passed Senate Bill 277 disallowing both religious and philosophical exemptions to certain vaccines prior to being enrolled in both public and...
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    Yet again, we are reaping the whirlwind of not vaccinating our children caused from rabble rousers making unfounded claims based on redacted scientific data. I simply don't get the refusal to accept the science surrounding the safety of vaccines. They are the ONE possible source for autism that...
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    Big 10 Perception

    The Big 10 has a unique opportunity to throw the national perception that has plagued then since 2006. OSU had the opportunity to knock off the top team in the SEC and either the ACC or Pac12. MSU has a chance to knock off the top team in the Big 12. If, and I know it's a big if, OSU and MSU...
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    Vaccinations are important

    There has been quite a bit of troubling news about the re-emergence of diseases preventable by vaccination no doubt caused by the anti-vaccine movement with concerns of vaccines being linked to autism. The diseases we have started to see re-emergence in are pertussis (whooping cough), measles...